NBA: Greek Freak Enters Spotlight In Playoff Run

Nike knows what a star is, especially on the basketball court.

With that being known, it makes a lot of sense that Milwaukee Bucks rising superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo gets his own feature ad from the company as the 22 year old phenom makes his first playoff run as a franchise player. Antetokounmpo is leading the No. 6 seeded Milwaukee against No. 3 Toronto in a series currently tied at 1-1, Game 3 is Thursday night in the Mil.

Up in Wisconsin they’ve learned a lot about their latest hardcourt savior since he was drafted out of nowhere in 2013. As it turns out “nowhere” was actually the G2 league in Greece, where Giannis first got freaky as a teenager. The video above, part of Nike’s series titled “Come Out of Nowhere,” does a hell of a job in one minute of outlining the underdog story of he and his brother Thanasis, who have both been able to reach the NBA (two more, younger Antetokounmpos – Kostas and Alexis could make the pros as well).

As the Greek Freak enjoys an average of 26 points so far in this playoff season, make sure you check him out even if he’s being relegated to the NBA TV slot of the Turner tripleheaders at this point, but given highlight reels like the one below Giannis will be profiling on TNT more in the future and as he says in his “Nowhere” story, many more people will know his name in good time.

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