NBA: Latest Additions A Steal for Cavs NBA Finals Run

WARR contributor Josh Hicks offers his thoughts on the Chicago Bulls and the NBA

The Cleveland Cavaliers may not have gotten the playmaker they desired in Carmelo Anthony during the trade deadline, but they won the buyout festivities by signing veteran point guard Deron Williams and center Andrew Bogut.

These moves are smart moves made by the Cavs, and with the season winding down to the playoffs, it puts them back in the driver’s seat to repeat as champions.

Adding Williams brings the backup point guard presence that the team has been lacking the past two seasons. The former University of Illinois star comes to the team with a lot of experience within the playoffs, averaging 20 plus points a game during his tenure with the Utah Jazz and roughly 16 points a game in the Brooklyn Nets era.

Williams may not be the electrifying scoring point guard that we all knew when he was drafted at the third overall pick in 2005, but he is still a solid, experienced point guard that can run an offense, score when needed, and can make plays from time to time, averaging eight assists throughout his career. His offensive play fits right in with Cleveland’s offensive system, especially for a second unit that may sometimes include LeBron James.

Another great win for the “D-Will” pickup is because of the chemistry. James has a decent amount of chemistry with Williams from his 2008 Gold-medal Olympic run. This shows that James understands the capability that Williams can bring to this team, and it is something that we must pay attention to.

The addition of Andrew Bogut brings the Cavs the necessary depth needed within the big man department. With Chris “Birdman” Anderson’s early exit, it opens up the pathway from him to be effective on a championship team from a minutes standpoint. In regards to talent, he brings additional defensive presence to the system. Offensively, he can assist Tristan Thompson and Kevin Love in the rebounding department, as for a career he is averaging close to 10 rebounds a game, and can also serve as an extra clean up man that does not require to score an ex amounts of points a game.

Bogut also brings familiarity with the Cavs’ potential or assumed opponent for the NBA Finals. His experience as a starter on a championship Golden State Warriors team the past two years helps with not just the game plan, but gives insight to Cavs’ personal for a seven game series featuring the best of the best.

However, it is also a steal for the Cavs because with Kevin Durant being hurt, if the Warriors cannot come back fully and beat the San Antonio Spurs in a potential Western Conference Finals matchup, Bogut’s big man presence can level up matchup wise when it comes to the physicality and size of the Spurs’ big men.

The Cavs acquiring two great talents for a cheap price is a bargain and are necessary deals to increase their chances at bringing another championship to “The Land.”

Can they get the job done? I believe so.

Joshua M. Hicks is a sports writer and broadcaster and a recent graduate of Roosevelt University, follow him on Twitter @jhicks042

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