Bulls: Wade, Butler and Co. Fueling NBA’s Latest Reality Show

WARR contributor Josh Hicks offers his thoughts on the Chicago Bulls and the NBA

One thing the NBA does as well as any league is continually pump out episodes of drama from several of its franchises at any given time.

Each season brings with it sub-seasons of “reality shows” like the “Basketball Wives,” but in these cases the actual basketball players entertain, but with theatrics not made for the hardcourt.

Carmelo Anthony’s era in New York seems to be coming to a long, drawn-out end, Cleveland is deep in a championship defender’s hangover and a team of NBA All-Star snubs could be formed featuring players that people would much rather see in New Orleans such as Damian Lillard and Joel Embiid.

But it is with the Chicago Bulls where we’re getting the best mix of “cant-turn-away” horror that the best (or worst) reality shows so effortlessly provide. The Bulls started the season on a hot streak, only to later become lukewarm, frigid cold, and now back to being on fire, but for all the wrong seasons.

The team’s roller coaster season has finally taken a true turn for the worst, and with this dysfunctional franchise coming into the All-Star break with a lack of identity and other noticeable factors, the team’s playoff chances are slim to none.

Who is to blame for the teams’ fiasco? Where do we even start? How about…Bulls management!

In transitioning from the Tom Thibodeau era to the Fred Hoiberg “error,” the idea of winning basketball games seems to have lost its way. Under Thibs, the Bulls were 255-139, with a 65 percent winning average, making the playoffs each of the years he coached, including the two years Derrick Rose was not playing due to long-term injuries.

Under Hoiberg, the Bulls are 65-64, barely winning half of their games, missing the playoffs last season and appear to be doing the same this year. So why change from the success we were getting to the now failure that we are receiving?

Players are definitely part of the problem, but the management is the biggest key. The management act like men in certain relationships. They have a strong woman, but don’t know how to deal with her so they drop her for another woman that allows them to use the woman as a puppet, controlling her every move.

Bulls’ management had great success under Thibs, but hated the way he was utilizing the players, amongst other things. So they forced a divorce to settle for a backup woman in Hoiberg so they can control him and run the team themselves, the way they think it is suppose to be.

That has turned out to be a disaster, and the locker room is losing its grip. With the latest news of Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler sounding off on their teammates to the media directly for lack of effort and Rajon Rondo taking the liberty to make strike back at the duo over social media regarding the matter, it seems like Bulls leaders have checked out on Hoiberg and are completely doing their own thing.

But the Bulls’ Big Dysfunctional 3 are not the only players to speak out — Michael Carter-Williams has spoken out his frustration regarding Hoiberg benching him recently and Jerian Grant also made a few tweets regarding Wade and Butler’s comments.

Hoiberg and team management has lost the locker room, and with Hoiberg not being a confrontational guy, his moments of perceived shyness make him that much more of a candidate for the unemployment line, something Chicago fans are hoping can be a reality real soon.

Joshua M. Hicks is a sports writer and broadcaster and a recent graduate of Roosevelt University, follow him on Twitter @jhicks042

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