Hip-Hop: One Year After Passing, Legacy of DJ TimBuck2 Lives On

Credit: DJ Mike Caliber

Credit: DJ Mike Caliber

This past Tuesday Chicago’s hip-hop community came together once again, welcoming friends back from the many eras that built the Chi into the rap mecca it is today, to celebrate a dearly missed member of the city’s musical fabric.

Timbuck2 Forever has become a popular refrain among the “true heads” locally, its also the name of what’s quickly become an anticipated December event, the 2nd annual of what should be a long line of remembrances of one of Chicago’s greatest DJs. took place at the Metro on North Clark Street.

Presented by the Timothy Francis Jones Foundation, an organization that uses Timbuck2’s given name, the first Timbuck2 Forever event occurred at the Metro on North Clark Street in Wrigleyville less than a week after Dj Timbuck2 passed on December 19, 2015 due to complications from renal cancer.

Returning there this year, Timbuk2’s foundation and his many fans and collaborators came through once again to celebrate a well-lived life that now provides inspiration for a  foundation whose focus is to promote self-health awareness among men in general, with a specific focus on men of color.

A most undeniable factor that makes this event so special is the amount of unity and love for the hip hop culture that takes place. You were definitely guaranteed to run into someone you had not seen in years at Timbuck2 Forever, and it was also guaranteed for everyone to experience something truly special by people who gave a damn about the culture of hip-hop.

Throughout the night some of Timbuck2’s closest DJ friends performed phenomenal sets, spinning everything from ’90’s hip hop to old school house classics. One unexpected highlight of the night was when legendary hip hop group EPMD briefly graced the stage.

Other legendary acts that touched the turntables included hip hop producers Dj Clark Kent, Dj Green Lantern, and Rich Medina. Many audience members were seen standing in shock throughout the night, trying their best to take in an occurrence that doesn’t happen often.

With the current climate of music held captive by the influence of the drill and trap music scene, traditional hip hop as experienced at Timbuck2 Forever provides fresh air and energy to take in and was well appreciated by fans.

At one point in the night there was a group of girls break dancing on the first level stage right. Shortly thereafter a freestyle cypher kicked off not far from the bar. Everyone in attendance at the Metro was affected by the nostalgia of a place in time where everything was just about having fun.

You may get a different answer from everyone in attendance regarding who had the best DJ set or their most memorable moment of the night, nothing will compare to the riveting video that played on the projector screen which featured Timbuck2’s mother.

Wednesday morning social media was still reacting about their emotions as provoked by the mother of Timbuck2, who spoke on caring for her son before his untimely death. The atmosphere in the room remained serene as she spoke in a brutally honest tone about being aware and concerned for your health.

There is something that happens with hip-hop that doesn’t happen with most genres of music. Mainstream media has always focused on sexism, the flashy nature, and violence associated with hip-hop but rarely ever glorifies the togetherness and self-consciousness brought out at events like this.

To this writer’s knowledge there weren’t any  fights or shootings that took place at the Metro on Tuesday but there was an abundance of appreciation for the culture, and most important, an appreciation for the legacy of DJ Timbuck2.

As a reminder, it doesn’t take much to change your eating habits and if you’re not a gym rat you can always take a walk for cardio but most importantly you can go to the doctor for your regular checkups. Your health is important.

For more information, or to stay updated with the foundation’s efforts please visit: http://www.timothyfrancisjonesfoundation.org/.

DJ Mike Caliber is a Chicago-based DJ and radio host, you can listen to his Morning Kickoff Show here and follow him on Instagram for the latest on his appearances and projects

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