Bears: Medley Of Jams Comes In Time For Weak Clash With 49ers

What’s left to say about this season for the Chicago Bears?

I can’t overstate it enough the level of disaster that the Bears have been in 2016. Injury after injury after injury have decimated the team’s roster to the point where guys like Matt Barkley get a chance to start at quarterback, but at least we won’t have see Jay Cutler’s whack ass anymore.

Last week’s game against the Tennessee Titans was more of the same horrible brand of football that the Bears are now known for, still in the end they had a chance to win and they dropped that chance – pun intended. That’s why last week’s song is Drop by The Pharcyde — a great song for a bad football team. I know, it’s just not fair, but I’ll apologize to Bootie Brown and Fatlip next time I’m in LA.

This week’s game features two of the worst teams in the NFL in the San Francisco 49ers and the Bears. Both teams have long-storied histories that feature some of the greatest players in the history of the game — yet Hall of Famers like Jerry Rice, Joe Montana, Steve Young, Walter Payton and Richard Dent are distant memories at present.

Hell, even the days when Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs held down the defense seem like forever ago for us. This week’s song is a dedication to fans from both cities — They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) by the legendary Pete Rock and C.L. Smooth, who we can all rejoice have decided to take themselves off the bench and offer a Tribe-like revival album for the next year.

Fans in both cities long for and reminisce of better times for their beloved teams and question how things got so bad. It’s not so hard to think about, though, as success in the NFL comes from the top down. Its not a coincidence that two of the worst teams in league this year have had two of the most dysfunctional front offices for a long time.

At this deep point in the season, Week 13, the biggest story-line actually involved with either team is the political and social views of the now infamous 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Kaep’s protest this season has opened the eyes of many and also helped to kick-start a much needed dialogue of race, equality and justice in this country.

Many have questioned the validity of his concerns, as a black man and a father of two beautiful black children, I fully understand and appreciate the stand he has taken. Our lives do matter.

The fact is that there have always been two Americas, a belief as apparent as its ever been after the recent presidential election. Kaepernick’s stance has made him both hero and villain in this divided nation. For those that feel he is a villain I can only state that Colin Kaepernick is not threat, he is just a man who wants to be heard, or better yet, desires to be listened to for once, he is not the only one who’s mind is boggled as to why any person of color has to fight so hard to have their rights acknowledged fully in America in this day and age.

As a bonus, I dedicate one more song this week for Colin Kaepernick – Holler If You Hear Me, #RIP2Pac.

Bears 2016 Playlist

Week 1 – Action Bronson, “Actin’ Crazy”

Week 2 – Wu-Tang Clan, “Bring Da Ruckus”

Week 3 – The Internet, “Just Sayin’/I Tried”

Week 4 – TLC, “No Scrubs”

Week 5 – Wu-Tang Clan, “Da Mystery of Chessboxin’”

Week 6 – Frank Ocean, “Nikes”

Week 7 – DangerDoom, “Vats of Urine”

Week 8 – LL Cool J, “Kanday”

Week 9 – Bye

Week 10 – EPMD, “You Gots To Chill”

Week 11 – Big Sean, “I Don’t Fu*k With You”

Week 12 – The Pharcyde, “Drop”

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