Listen: The Flip Election Special Takes You Back To The Last Moments When Democracy Made Sense

D & Davis: The Flip is our new weekly unedited and unrestrained collision of topical talk with culture, politics and the like.

So…ahhh….shit…I mean, really?

Some 23 hours ago your friendly neighborhood independent podcasters at The D & Davis Show sat down in the early stages of the most important presidential election in the last four years and tried to make sense of the early results as they came in. At that point we were like the dudes playing sweet music on the deck of the Titanic. We knew the waters were rocky, but damn.

Regardless of how positive you feel about the Trump-over of the federal government, you can find something entertaining in our special extended version of The Flip where we give our thoughts on the candidates and what impact Clinton v. Trump’s messy campaign can have on the future of party politics in America. Also the fellas have takes on voting annoyances, the racial strife taking place in Chicago’s Mt. Greenwood neighborhood and they act out a preview of D & Davis’s epic Hallmark special detailing their fight to get to the polls.

We can’t stress it enough, The Flip is for mature audiences only, so don’t share with the kids (unless yall’s relationship is more advanced than the average) and make sure to listen with headphones on at work.

Make sure to subscribe to We Are Regal Radio on Soundcloud, also subscribe to Demonze Spruiel’s YouTube page where you can get new Flips each week, including our special weekend editions, which will come on Mondays, such as this edition where we ramp up for Election Day by getting into ‘Lil Wayne and his dismissal of Black Lives Matter.

As you can see on the video, you can also get new and recent episodes of The Flip on Spreaker, make sure to hit up Soundcloud for older episodes.

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