Listen: The Flip Tells You To Guard Ya Grill & Previews Bears/Packers

D & Davis: The Flip is our new weekly unedited and unrestrained collision of topical talk with culture, politics and the like.

Look, D tells y’all all the time – “keep ya hands to yaself,” right? If you’re not listening to D & Davis then you’re losing out in many ways. If you don’t listen to D & Davis then you can end up like this guy, who took even more losses this week than the one he took naturally by being a Chicago Bears fan.

In this week’s Flip, Davis watches the trending and sad representation of the Bears’ entire 2016 season for the first time and the guys explain where one goes wrong when picking fights at the stadium. Diving further into the madness of 21st century living, the guys also speak on a random frozen chicken attack (that is an attack using frozen chicken, not an attack on a cold bird), mattresses available for $11 on Amazon, gone but not forgotten family dogs and the fuckery that is Ken Bone’s existence.

And please don’t overlook this Flip-ish (we call it a “Snip”) preview of the Bears and Green Bay Packers Thursday Night Football clash. Given the schedule we figured we’d bless you with some timely analysis on the always complaint-worthy Bears as well as the recently faltering Pack as these old rivals try to do something to make the NFL forget about its struggling ratings but will likely do something that we’ll all rather forget by Friday morning.

We can’t stress it enough, The Flip is for mature audiences only, so don’t share with the kids (unless yall’s relationship is more advanced than the average) and make sure to listen with headphones on at work.

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