Instant Reaction: Cubs Comeback Greeted With Shock, Awe & Relief

The clouds had gathered, metaphorically, over Cubs Nation.

Down 3-1, and later 5-2, at times in Game 4 of the National League Division Series against San Francisco — whose run of staving off elimination in the postseason had been unprecedented and the chief cause of their three World Series titles since 2010 — the Chicago Cubs and their sympathizers were resigned to possibilities fast congealing itself as a nasty clotting within all circulatory systems that pump Cubbie blue:

Game 4 is lost, Cueto’s coming in Game 5, this is how its gonna end…

But for some reason, something that spat in the face of 108 years of pity, a team found its self in just the kind of way that teams who don’t hold themselves hostage by history often do, the way that teams that know their greatness and are determined to manifest that greatness often do.

Nothing was won last night (maybe a whole lot of peace of mind) but with all that was involved — overcoming a devastating Game 3 loss, winning on the road, outlasting a team that for some reason only plays its best in years that can be divided by half — this was certainly the closest the Cubs have come to winning it all since 1908.

The “W” that hangs over the Wrigley Field scoreboard currently may have to go down again at some point this October, but because of what happened last night in San Francisco, Cubs Nation has more confidence than ever that their guys can over come what October offers in spades to every team — adversity.

No, the Cubs aren’t champs yet, but this team, this inexplicably pleasant team, which provided as easy-going a summer as the North Side as ever seen, has shown they’re down for the struggle as well and with their weaponry, and the guidance of Joe Maddon, the remaining two teams who have a chance to extend the greatest curse in sports should now know that they’ll have to work just as hard as the Cubs will to rid themselves of bad luck once and for all.

(Ed. note – yeah, I worked myself in here, I liked the tweet…wanna fight about it?)

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