Bears: No Scrubbing Away The Stink On This Team, Word To Left Eye

After three weeks, it’s official, the Chicago Bears are the NFL’s laughing stock and it’s pretty apparent that they may not have the man power to do anything about it. With all of the injuries and the amount of replacement level players now getting time on the field, there’s not much hope that they can get things turned around.

People can’t give away their tickets fast enough or vent their frustrations strong enough. It’s difficult for fans to get excited for a bunch of scrubs.

Considering that the Bears haven’t beat this week’s opponent, the Detroit Lions, since the days of Lovie Smith as head coach (2012), the most faithful would be hard pressed to wake up early to get out to the lakefront by noon and cheer for a team that has such difficulty defending their home turf.

That’s why I’m taking it back for this week’s song with TLC’s “No Scrubs.”

No – we do not want any scrubs. No one wants to see the Lions stroll into Soldier Field and watch their quarterback, Matthew Stafford, and his collection of wide receivers not named Calvin Johnson pick apart a severely undermanned secondary. No one wants to watch a defense on roller skates. No one wants an offense that can only manage to hold onto the ball for only 12 to 15 minutes a game.

The city of Chicago and its fans deserve way better than the effort this football team has put forth the past few weeks. It’s easy for me to list ways the Bears can pull out a victory against the Lions on Sunday, but until they can master basic football principles like blocking and tackling, protecting the football and pressuring the quarterback, they will continue to struggle.

Teams across the league are dealing with injuries. When the next man gets his opportunity he has to execute and its up to the coaching staff has to prepare him and put him in position to succeed. The Bears have not been able to that and until they can, they’ll just be a bunch of scrubs nobody wants to watch play football.

Bears 2016 Playlist

Week 1 – Action Bronson, “Actin’ Crazy”

Week 2 – Wu-Tang Clan, “Bring Da Ruckus”

Week 3 – The Internet, “Just Sayin’/I Tried”

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