MLB: Big Papi Rides Off Into Sunset In Undercover Lyft

The Major League Baseball world has spent 2016 saying good bye to one of its most beloved and powerful players in recent memory, David Ortiz of the Boston Red Sox.

But while the veteran known as Big Papi is stepping away from the game that he’s played for a couple decades — while helping kill the Curse of the Bambino and making himself a God in Beantown — he’s made himself more than welcome in the confines of 30 second advertising.

Turn on just about any baseball broadcast, whether or not the playoff-bound Red Sox are involved, and you’re sure to see Ortiz flashing his smile and/or spitting funny accent-influenced lines for multiple brands. In Ortiz we’re seeing the birth of another multimedia sports figure who we’re sure to not miss even when he’s not on the diamond for 162 or more games a year.

And who can be mad at that? Even though Papi has done his part to terrorize pitchers in all the MLB outposts, he’s still one of sports’ great personalities, worthy of outrageous SNL parody and even heartfelt farewells from his biggest rival.

Here, for ride-sharing company Lyft, Ortiz joins in fun previously done by a series of athletes and celebrities including the Chicago Cubs’ Kris Bryant by (sort of) disguising himself and fooling possible actors or very gullible actual Lyft riders.

Regardless of your ability to buy the proceedings at least we all get to see Big Papi in a wig, nothing bad comes from that, just like the idea of Papi’s last game being a loss…to Bryant…and the Cubs…who would then turn the North Side of Chicago into something worthy of Caligula’s worse fevered dreams. Bet a lot of Lyfts would be needed that night.

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