Bears: Just Sayin’, We’ve Tried To Be Encouraging But Sunday Looks Like Another Loss

Look, there’s no lipstick in the world great enough that can make a pig look pretty and this year’s version of the Chicago Bears is definitely a pig.

Week 2’s loss to the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football was a complete embarrassment. So much so, that fans are already contemplating jumping ship and it’s going to take a whole lot more than trying hard to get fans back on board.

With the amount of injuries the Bears have already suffered so far this young season, it looks as if all the Bears can do is try. They’ll be without starters Danny Trevathan, Eddie Goldman, Adrian Amos and Bryce Callahan on defense and Jay Cutler and possibly Alshon Jeffery on offense this Sunday night against Dallas. You don’t need an internet blogger to tell you that the Bears are F*CKED UP!

I can sit here and list all the ways they are, but I’d rather just listen to The Internet, who’ll also be playing in town this Sunday at Ahhh! Fest at Union Park in Chicago. That’s why this week’s song is “Just Sayin’/I Tried” off their critically acclaimed Ego Death album.

With the way things are going right now you’re very much better off going to a packed concert than sitting at home and watching the Bears get their asses handed to them again in Dallas, and the Boys are capable of such with standout rookie QB Dak Prescott and all-Pro wide receiver Dez Bryant in another prime-time match-up, where like Monday showed, the Bears so often fail to show up under the lights.

A lack of commitment to the running game on offense and their inability to generate a consistent pass rush go hand-in-hand with the Bears’ struggles. Until they can fix those things, there’s not a bunch they can do to get better, especially with all of the injuries, which is why the Cowboys are favored to win by a touchdown.

If you’re banking on an upset, we’re not trying to hurt your feelings, but the Bears are F*CKED UP. Go have fun at the concert.

Bears 2016 Playlist

Week 1 – Action Bronson, “Actin’ Crazy”

Week 2 – Wu-Tang Clan, “Bring Da Ruckus”

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