Bears: Some Ruckus Will Be Needed In A Week 2 Bounce Back

So Da Bears couldn’t get it done in Houston – that’s cool, no one really expected that they would, at least I didn’t — but Week 2 brings the team back to Chicago and Soldier Field, hopefully a different story can be told.

With the home fans behind them and with the Philadelphia Eagles led by rookie quarterback Carson Wentz, the Bears should be more than ready to ramp things up and take care of business on Monday night.

It’s hard to win games in the NFL. The teams with the best chances can stop the run and pressure the quarterback on defense and run the football and convert on 3rd down on offense. Doing those things start up front with the defensive and offensive lines and to make that happen they need to reach a new level of physicality.  Not that fake tough guy sh*t we saw in training camp, but real hard nose football.

That’s why for this week’s song we’re going to go back in time to visit the 36 Chambers with Wu Tang Clan’s Bring Da Ruckus. The ruckus is exactly what the Bears need to bring when they take on the Eagles.

Nothing unravels a quarterback (especially a rookie quarterback) more than pressure. Wentz and the Eagles don’t have a whole lot to be afraid of. The Bears are in a great position to exploit the young QB, but they have to stop run and force Philadelphia to be one dimensional on offense and get off the field on 3rd down. OLB Willie Young didn’t even scratch the stat sheet last week – Bring Da M’Fn Ruckus!

Hey, Charles Leno, Josh Sitton, Cody Whitehair, Kyle Long, Bobby Massie (Bears offensive line) – Cutler got sacked 5 times last week and the run game wasn’t very successful either. It’s time to turn things around against the Eagles. Offensive line – Bring Da M’Fn Ruckus!

Philly Mag/Jeff Fusco Philadelphia's rookie QB Carson Wentz may not be scared of any Ruckus the Bears may bring.

Philly Mag/Jeff Fusco
Philadelphia’s rookie QB Carson Wentz may not be scared of any Ruckus the Bears may bring.

And finally, to coach John Fox and staff – the team got out to fast start last week and actually led half time, but it felt like the foot was taken off the gas pedal in the 2nd half. Whether it was play calling or lack of execution they have to put the players in position to succeed. Coach Fox – Bring Da M’Fn Ruckus!

36 Chambers Of Beardom

With this week’s song on my mind, I thought it would be cool to put a few of the Bears’ players names through the Wu Tang Clan Name Generator. Hell, it worked for Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), so why not introduce a few of our favorite players and coaches to the 36 Chambers. The best ones are listed below.

John Fox (Head Coach) = Midnight Lover — Game film isn’t the only thing he’s watching late at night. Be careful shaking his hand.

Ryan Pace (General Manager) = Fearless Wanderer — I like “fearless” part, but not the “wanderer.” My GM has to have a clear path and set goals and objectives. I don’t think we have seen that so far.

Vic Fangio (Defensive Coordinator) = Smilin’ Knight — I’m not sure how much Sir Fangio smiles, but if the defense can take of advantage of the Eagles on Monday night he’ll be happy.

Dowell Loggains (Offensive Coordinator) = Thunderous Madman — Don’t know about the “thunderous” part, but if the offense can manage more than 14 points a game, he’ll be a madman by season’s end easily.

Kyle Long Look up the word "Zexy" in the Wu-dictionary and you'll see this face.

Kyle Long
Look up the word “Zexy” in the Wu-dictionary and you’ll see this face.

Kyle Long (Right Guard) = Zexy Madman –What in the hell does “zexy” mean. It must a word the Ol’ Dirty Bastard made up, but you got a be a bit crazy to play with that bum shoulder. RIP ODB.

Kyle Fuller (Cornerback) = Drunken Observer –If the former 1st rounder can’t step up his play, he’ll definitely be observing from the sidelines, drunk with jealousy as rookie Deiondre Hall takes his reps.

Bobby Massie (Right Tackle) = Tha Beggar — Not a good name for an offensive lineman. After his performance last week, he probably had to beg to keep his job.

Charles Leno Jr. (Left Tackle) = Amazing Crinimal –Another guy who stunk last week, he definitely stole that game check.

Tracy Porter (Cornerback) = Wacko Watcher — Both of the Bears cornerbacks are either watching or observing. Can they cover? Porter has proven that he can, hopefully he can stay healthy throughout the season.

Adrian Amos (Saftey) = Wicked Swami — This is my favorite “Wu” name. Let’s see if bring some of the wickedness to the field.

Harold Jones-Quartey (Saftey) = Profound Hunter — The Bears need hunters on defense and “profound” hunters are even better.

Alshon Jeffery (Wide Receiver) = Amazing Mastermind — If he can stay healthy and have an “amazing” season he’ll definitely look like a mastermind all the way to the bank.

Jay Cutler (Quarterback) = Insane Samurai — Oh I get it, he’s a samurai the same way Tom Cruise was that one time… He may already be “insane” after all the hits he took last week.

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