Listen: New D & Davis Podcast, The Flip, Comes Every Wednesday

If you’re reading this it’s likely you’re already down with the crew here at WARR and The D & Davis Show — know that D & Davis will be back in all their Saturday glory this week on after taking the Labor Day holiday weekend off — but it may not be certain that you know about our latest project.

Well, you can’t plead ignorant anymore. Feel free to let us do that for you.

In the link above is the latest episode of our new weekly podcast, D & Davis: The Flip, another weekly broadcast, like the D & D Show, but with some key differences. On The Flip there’s no boundaries in content and execution (translation: we curse, a lot) and our topics more often than not veer away from the confines of the sporting world, which we cover so extensively here online and on Saturdays.

Still, when sports collide with culture, politics and the like, as it has so pressingly in recent times with Colin Kaepernick, know that we’re going to tackle such topics with no fear.

We can’t stress it enough, The Flip is for mature audiences only, so don’t share with the kids (unless yall’s relationship is more advanced than the average) and make sure to listen with headphones on at work. And make sure to subscribe to We Are Regal Radio on Soundcloud and share and like our stuff such as our fresh new Regal Selector playlist and our new interview series “Creative Corner” hosted by WARR editorial director Kyle Means.

Also, follow the show on Twitter & Instagram @DandDavisShow, use the hashtags #DandDshow or #DandDflip on social media and get behind the scenes looks and commentary by following the show on Facebook, just look up “Regal Radio.”

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