Bears: Opening Week Is Perfect Time To Go ‘Crazy’ With Season-Long Playlist

Week 1 of the NFL regular season is finally here and after a long off-season and a drawn out and none-too-promising pre-season, Chicago Bear fans are ready for some real football.

As fans across the city gear up to support the team, I find there is really nothing that can quite describe the highs and lows a journey through a NFL season can bring from game to game better than a song.

To help us deal with the emotions of being Bears fans, I will select a song for each week that best describes either the joy or sorrow we will undoubtedly feel throughout this season.

So what’s the song for week 1? I can think of no better song than “Actin’ Crazy” by Action Bronson. That’s right – it’s football season! It’s time for the face paint, it’s time for the tailgate, and it’s time to get out to Soldier Field and act crazy.

There’s something about a football season that brings out the craziness. As diehard fans we love our team and we live or die on each play during the season. When the Bears are rolling and doing well we walk a little bit taller, we’re a little bit nicer at work and we talk a whole lot of s***t to fans of other teams. But there hasn’t been much of that the past few seasons as the Bears have struggled to put a consistent winner on the field. All of that stuff is trapped inside and waiting for an opportunity bust out. Why you think we out here actin’ crazy?

Opportunity is knocking and if the Bears can get out to a fast start, fans across Chicago will be all over the bandwagon. They’ll have to do more than sit on a couch and get high while watching Ancient Aliens on TV or travel around the world to eat delicious food to get fans to buy in of course; all they have to do is go down to Houston and beat the Texans this Sunday.

A task that may prove difficult as the Texans feature one of the NFL’s best defenses anchored by all-pro defensive end, JJ Watt and one of the league’s best wide receivers in Deandre Hopkins and quarterback Brock Osweiler.

The Texans are favored to win at home by a touchdown, but the key to Bears victory will lay in how well their offensive line holds up to the pressure Watt and his pals will bring and whether the defensive backfield can contain the explosive offense that Osweiler and Hopkins plan to unleash.

Considering that the Bears best offensive lineman Kyle Long is nursing a bum shoulder and the Bears secondary is young and experienced we’ll have to hope they are ready to pull off a big upset to start the season.

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