WARR’s Best of D-Rose: See Derrick Rose’s Incredible Game-Winner In Five Different Angles

derrick-rose_wxgbzzpoftfb1s4wz5q62smglEd. note — Arguably Rose’s greatest moment in a Bulls uniform, the closest he came to unveiling the cape we had fitted for him for years only to collect dust during each rehab Odyssey. But in this moment everyone, even the King, had to bow down.

This is one that’s going to live with us for a long time, if for no other reason than it showed what an awesome thing faith is.

Derrick Martell Rose was to always be our basketball savior, no one else. For those of us who didn’t waver in our belief or who at least never wavered in our support of him, this moment came swift and sweet and sent us into that special kind of sports euphoria that is absolutely drug-like.

And it was the coolest guy in the room, D-Rose, carried off court by his comrades saying and not-saying “yeah, I thought you knew…”

We did, man. We’re sorry for acting new, but its nothing like seeing it go down again, hitting every molecule of nylon. Swish.

Kanye has to keep that as his album name now as we all bless the backboard and continue to remember this image. We can do it…he can do it…and next time it is done let him walk off again like its nothing new while we do ALL the celebrating.

Credit: Steve Noah (no relation, I believe)

Credit: Chicago Bulls on Vine

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2 responses to “WARR’s Best of D-Rose: See Derrick Rose’s Incredible Game-Winner In Five Different Angles

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