WARR’s Best of D-Rose: Golden State Win Best Combination Yet of Talent, Desire To Win

Ed. note – Originally ran after the Bulls’ win over Golden State on Jan. 27, 2015. The eventual world champion Warriors did not lose another game in their home arena until April 1 of this year against Boston.

Anything you can do, he can do better, right Steph?

Tuesday night’s (and Wednesday morning’s) 113-111 win by the Chicago Bulls over the league-leading Golden State Warriors wasn’t just an affirmation of the Bulls’ championship contender status, but it affirmed Derrick Rose’s status as one of the most gifted players of his generation, no MVP fluke and certainly not a person who lacks what it takes to conquer the NBA competitively.

Want-to was all over the Bulls in this contest, it was in all reminiscent to those many nights under coach Tom Thibodeau when the team had little else but still came out victorious.

But whereas in previous streak-busting efforts it was clear the Bulls were creating a highlight reel to last fans the remainder of the season into the next, Chicago becoming the first Eastern Conference team to knock off the Warriors as well as only the second team to beat them in their intimidating Oracle Arena environs feels like an appetizer.

This is a team now that knowingly has the firepower to match a bold young team like Golden State on top of the steely will born out of years of playoff experience and countless games playing from behind only to force something out of nothing.

It was a horribly inefficient performance for Rose and his crew but for every wasted possession came a new one where an unlikely source thrilled us or where the team’s tallest stood like California redwoods (a whole ‘nother post is deserved for Pau Gasol and Joakim Noah’s perfect Twin Towers contribution to the game).

And in the end, he who chose to speak up at the team’s lowest bracketed his previous frustrations with one of his most inarguable moments of greatness as a pro. All a lot to take in during the pre-sleep haze of post-midnight, but every hump day should start out like this.

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