Pro Wrestling: There’s Truth In Consequences

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Lucha Underground took things to a darker place this past week with their highly anticipated Graver Consequences match featuring Mil Muertes and Matanza Cueto. Considering the standard set by the Mil Muertes-Fenix Grave Consequences match from 2015, this latest one was determined to be just as vicious, if not more so.

This match did not disappoint. These monsters crushed each other on these coffins, leaving only one intact to actually finish the match. High points for me was Mil hitting a Flatliner on Matanza onto three coffins, Mil busting his fist through a coffin lid to choke Matanza, and Matanza just manhandling a huge guy like Mil, ultimately slamming him in a coffin for the win. Will Mil go away for a little while or for the remainder of the season? That’s what I love about this show. I really don’t know.

Catrina and Dario got involved and Catrina suffered the wrath of Matanza, having her lifeless body thrown into a coffin. Upon checking on her later, Matanza and Dario realize she has disappeared, so she is still a big player. I assume she will assist Siniestro from here on out.

I appreciate that these matches have stakes and consequences that mean something. We won’t see Mil Muertes for a while and Catrina will disappear briefly as she plots her revenge. I loved seeing King Cuerno be one of the robed individuals leading out the casket that Mil is in. Are we to assume he has plans for Mil Muertes or is he just going to stuff him and put him on a wall in his hunting lodge? That’d be a sight…well, one that I don’t want to see.

Just when Dario thinks he has won a power struggle, he’s informed by a Councilman Delgado that a certain mysterious, yet powerful, person will be coming to the temple. Dario gives the councilman an undisclosed amount of money for an undisclosed reason at the start of the show. Later, we find our councilman giving said money to an unseen man. The only hint we get is a cigar being lit by a gloved person. Who is it? Who knows? Can’t wait to find out.

El Dragon Azteca Jr., Rey Mysterio and Prince Puma defended their Trios Titles against Ivelisse, Son of Havoc and Johnny Mundo (replacing an injured Angelico). The champs retained in an entertaining match that only continues to elevate El Dragon Azteca’s ability in the ring. Rey is getting a chance to show some renewed life after so-so run at the end of his WWE career and his brief stint in AAA.

Prince Puma, of course, is just a solid in-ring competitor and high flyer, so he will always be a standout in these battles. This team works well together and the right move was made to make them champions. I worry about where Ivelisse and Son of Havoc go from here, but I assume they’ll butt heads with Mundo and Taya.

Joey Ryan defeated Mr. Cisco and Cortez Castro to take a Gift of the Gods medallion. What boggles my brain is that the live crowd was seeing this as Joey Ryan, indie star, taking a win. Yet, in terms of the storyline, he’s an undercover cop trying to get to the root of Dario Cueto’s shady business. This dynamic is so crazy because the crowd, at least I assume, has no idea of his motives and are truly investing in him as Joey Ryan. I’m curious to see how prominent a role he actually plays in the story.

This wasn’t the greatest show they’ve put on, but it featured a great combination of in-ring storytelling and some fascinating vignettes that only add more intrigue to the show. This is why fans love it so much, it always leaves them wanting more.

NXT: Super Enhancement Talent Edition

Just a few quick thoughts last week’s NXT.

  • At no point was it unknown how every match was going to go. Nakamura, Alexa Bliss, American Alpha, Balor: it was obvious they were all winning. It takes some of the fun out of watching when there is no suspense.
  • Balor looked more passionate than he has been over the past few months. I belive he needs a refresh or a promotion, I fear he can become stale if not handled properly.
  • Not too excited about Eric Young in NXT. We’ll see if he changes my mind.
  • Austin Aries just feels like a jerk 100% of the time, heel or face.

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