NFL Draft: Joe “Champ” Tanksley Says No Guessing How Draft Will Play Out

Our man Champ, co-founder of, provides special Chicago Bears-related columns for the RedEye newspaper every now and then.

Today you can read his take on the NFL Draft and how our friendly neighborhood Monsters of the Midway are just as capable of disgusting you as they could thrill you with their pick tonight, the 11th scheduled in the first round of the amateur player-selection spectacular, which begins at 7pm in beautiful, overcast Chicago.

Maybe the clouds will break with inspiration once Roger Goodell calls out the Bears’ selection later this evening, but its more likely that a fog will remain surrounding the fans and observers who are invested in the direction Halas Hall is looking to take. Let Champ tell it:

As fans, it’s easy for us to get caught up in the holes we think our teams need to fill, and we focus on the players we think will fill those needs, because that’s logical. However, and I know this is painting with a broad brush, NFL general managers seem eager to prove they know how to evaluate talent better than anyone else, especially those in the media. This often leads to fans scratching their heads and feeling flat-out disappointed.

Read the rest of his column here.

If you don’t know, Joe has experience playing the game both in the Chicago Catholic League (St. Rita) and in college (Butler). Keep following him here, on the RedEye and on Twitter for real, passionate and informative football talk and listen to him tonight during the Very Special D & Davis Show Draft Night Special, we’re talking VSOP here!

Live from the Illinois Media School from 6-8 pm with a host of draft experts and other passionate observers of the NFL’s yearly coming out party.

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