Crew Love: D & Davis Mobs Up With Brown & Scoop in Podcast Crossover Event

It wasn’t quite “Watch The Throne,” but it was at least “Collegrove” — big time crossovers all and so was the crew from our very own D & Davis Show appearing on Brown & Scoop for their latest edition, released Tuesday Morning.

Anyone who’s dealt with D & D for a while knows that Scoop B is fam and as he’s gotten tight with his co-host Jake Brown, putting out one of the hottest podcasts out of New York, Jake has joined the fold too. It was definitely an honor for D, Davis and show producer Kyle Means to chop it up with the guys in NY for part of their show.

Check out the links above and if you aren’t following Brown & Scoop, stop being stupid. And if this is your first time getting introduced to how we get down at WARR, then stay with us for a minute and spread love, its how we get down around here.

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