ICYMI: Regal’s D & Davis Show Makes TV Debut on CLTV’s “Sports Feed”

We clean up well ’round here, don’t we?

Your friendly neighborhood online sports enthusiasts have made the transition to your flat screens, bringing the kind of goodness usually reserved for Saturdays on Chicagolandsportsradio.com to CLTV and the “Sports Feed,” the weekday sports talk fest hosted by Jarrett Payton and Josh Frydman.

During two of the past March Sundays if you checked in to Chicago’s only 24-hour news channel between 6:30 and 7 pm you got to see a representative of our very own “D & Davis Show” make their respective TV debut and bringing the heat on topics such as the floundering Bulls and the still-bewildering Adam LaRoche-White Sox saga.

ICYMI, Easter Sunday saw the D in D & Davis anointed to small screen star with Frydman while back on March 6, the Davis (Ken) broke us in with a star turn alongside the Son of Sweetness. Click on the WGNtv links in the respective tweets to get the recorded goods.

We can only warn you guys a certain amount before it sounds like bragging, but start paying attention cause pretty soon attention won’t be all that’s paid to the crew.

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2 responses to “ICYMI: Regal’s D & Davis Show Makes TV Debut on CLTV’s “Sports Feed”

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