10 @ 10: The 1-5 Comes To A Close On The D & Davis Show

D & Davis returns this week and we’re wondering…where has all the time gone? And its about to be 2016…where the hell are the flying cars? Don’t give us them BS “hoverboards.”

Here’s our a new format to preview our shows — 10 @ 10, meaning 10 shots of news at 10 am each Saturday, for the hour preceding new D & D. Here you can find a one-stop shop of what’s poppin’ in the world at this moment and what subjects you can expect our crew to tackle starting at 11 am on chicagolandsportsradio.com. 

We’re compiling links, quotes, social media posts, memes, music and video and whatever else we can put in this space. If you want to add to the convo, feel free to do so in our comments and also mind our call-in information at the bottom of the post.

If you don’t know what’s going on in the world at 10 am, we want to make sure you’re a little more hip to the game by 11.

1. See Star Wars Yet?

Oh, you did? Well, don’t come round me with that spoiling shit or you’re getting Kylo Ren’s lightsaber in your ass. Got my tickets for Sunday. Looking at early reports, there’ll still be many who have to interrupt NFL Sunday to get a look at the newest space epic cause lines started early.

2. Guests and The Return of D

More great guests this week but nothing supersedes the return of our guy, D, regular co-host Demonze Spruiel. Big ups again to Evan F. Moore, who held things down the past couple weeks in the chair that isn’t Davis’s.

No weekly segment with Joe Tanksley on the Bears this week, unfortunately, but we still have two veterans of the Chicago sports scene — Yahoo! Sports Radio’s Jason Goch will be calling in to talk about the Bears, Bulls and whatever else comes to mind. Also, Chicago basketball’s big homie, Bryan Crawford, will be in studio during the Noon hour to talk Bulls and the NBA.

3. The 1st Annual Dizzles

As if the dope guests aren’t enough, D & Davis reveals what we’re sure will be an honor of distinction for years to come — our year-end award, The Dizzle! (though we aren’t married to that name)…

Take a look at our initial categories and listen during the 1 pm hour to find out who receives the Dizzle from our whole crew (easy now…):

Sportsperson of the Year

Sportsanimal of the Year

Squad of the Year

Biggest Surprise

Biggest Disappointment

Meatball of the Year

Lawrence Taylor Memorial “Yeeeeaaaooowwww!” Candy Taster of the Year

4. Man in the Middle

Chicago police officer Jason Van Dyke was the center of attention during hearings at the Cook County Courthouse this week. The now indicted-officer got treatment like this from the family of Laquan McDonald as he left on Friday. Horrible actions have repercussions, it doesn’t just go one way, officer. Hopefully this is just the beginning.

5. Sox Solidify Infield

After the Cubs blazed through the MLB Winter Meetings, their crosstown rivals were left looking more than a little impotent, but in signing former Oakland A, Brett Lawrie, and acquiring multiple all-star Todd Frazier from Cincinnati this week, the team at least looks stronger in its infield with the two players expected to fill starting spots at second and third bases, respectively.

Now only locking down shortstop, another outfield and maybe another middle reliever or two reside on the South Sider’s laundry list. Seems like its gonna be a longer winter for Sox fans than for Cubs fans.

6. Kane’s Streak Ends

If the Warriors weren’t going to keep their’s up, you figure Patrick Kane didn’t have too much farther to go either. The Hawks were shut out against Colorado on Tuesday but they still got plenty of reasons to keep fighting this season, such as the whole defending the Stanley Cup thing…get more info on the Hawks and their renewed focus on divisional prosperity with Sidney Brown.

7. Bowl Season Begins

Four bowl games (really, four?) today, and what, fifty-eleven more to come? Should be fun no matter how interminable bowl fever can be — get ready for a lot of sunny climates and half-assed commitment from kids just glad to get out of taking finals.

Complete Bowl Game Schedule (ESPN)

8.  D & Davis NFL Picks Leaderboard (Thru Week 14)

Numbers are still being tallied, so tune in to the show (particularly hour three) if you want to catch up.

Just in at the buzzer:

Week 14 total:

Ken 10, Sid 9, D 9, Jason 9, Tony 8, Kyle 8

Season Total:
Tony 122
D 122
Ken 118
Sid 117
Jason 112
Kyle 109

9. D & D Social Media of the Week

Here we highlight a particular social media post from one of the show’s crew without comment each week.

10. Have a Happy (and Safe) New Year

We’ll see you again with this post and the show on Jan. 9, until then keep visiting weareregalradio.com for the latest in Chicago sports and culture including some special end of 2015 coverage and a lot of other randomness that should distract you from doing silly things like making New Years Resolutions you know you won’t keep.

Listen live on chicagolandsportsradio.com or on the TuneIn Radio App from 11 am to 2 pm central every Saturday, dial 312-564-7375 to join the show, follow the show on Twitter & Instagram @DandDavisShow.

Also, get behind the scenes looks and commentary by following the show on Periscope @DAndDavisShow.

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