Sneakers: Oak Park Store Offering New, Magical Yeezy Boosts in Giveaway

Via Twitter Bet this man wouldn't sleep on a chance to get free Yeezy Boosts.

Via Twitter
Bet this man wouldn’t sleep on a chance to get free Yeezy Boosts.

Kanye West’s Adidas brand sneakers, the Yeezy Boosts, are the kind of shoes that just naturally bring about attention to those wearing it.

It doesn’t help when you’re already known for getting attention, much like the way-more-fortunate-than-he-deserves-to-be young Canadian named Justin Bieber — he couldn’t get though an impromptu performance without having to worry about the Yeezys he wore getting snatched off his feet.

But who could blame the impressionable, likely drug-addled youth who clawed at Bieber like brain-hungry post-apocalyptic Walkers? Yeezys are as magical a brand of feet-huggers as there are on the market.

No less a mystic figure than the Los Angeles Lakers’ Nick Young can attest to their powers. The newly-signed Adidas spokesman has taken to wearing Kanye’s kicks on court during the death march that the Lakers are calling Kobe Bryant’s last season, and earlier this week the stars aligned and Swaggy P found a previously unleashed weapon in his arsenal — the assist.

Given to none other than Kobe, the assist helped lead the Lakers to yet another loss but it provided a positive footnote in an otherwise miserable campaign and according to Young it was the shoes, it had to be the shoes.

All that, both in video and in this post, is said to get this across — ‘Ye has pretty much made a shoe that is finally worth the hype. Sleek, subtle and comfortable in look as it has to be in use, the Boost 750s seem to be a shoe that actually mark a step forward in sneaker fashion instead of marking a garish sidestep in the creative imagination of a restless mind who has seemed to given up on not complicating his musical output while, at the same time, his shoes get more deceptively “clean.”

Still, with a retail price of $350, these shoes are more intended for the insane, the insanely devoted to everything branded by West or to the simply havin’ thangs crowd. With their release in a cold-looking black colorway coming tomorrow, suburban Chicago-based sneaker store DTS is affording Yeezy heads a chance at a free pair. Look at their instructions below and hurry to your local instagram page, cause time is running out.

A clever promotion for a burgeoning store and a solid shoe worth at least the effort of tagging friends on social media — looks like the world is getting a little more swaggy each day.


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