Cubs: Happy Jason Heyward Introduced To Chicago


Click on the image above to take a look at footage from Jason Heyward’s official press conference introducing him as a Chicago Cub for the first time.

Though he still had kind words for his former club in St. Louis, Heyward looked ideal in his blue pinstripes and he smiled as if he knew it to be fact — the North Side of Chicago is where he belongs.

Heyward stands to spend most if not all his prime as a baseball player in this uniform so his smile makes for a good start to what should be a knowing honeymoon in 2016. Beyond his first games in Mesa, Ariz. in Spring Training and later as he digs his feet in the Wrigley outfield (you figure there’ll be a couple April games where, while rocking long-sleeves, he’ll yearn for the more temperate climates of his previous two teams) smiles will only come as wins come.

Wins will need to come on time and at the right time, meaning October. Heyward showed this past October that he can hit in Wrigley as well as any young Cub slugger, slapping a highlight-reel shot during a National League Division Series game in which the Cubs dominated. Don’t let it be said that Heyward doesn’t adhere to a certain cliche — he couldn’t beat ’em, so he joined ’em.

If that, and an $184 million dollar promise, ain’t enough to make one smile than what is? Well…there is one thing and after today there’s reason for Cubs Nation to think they’re one step closer now to that one thing that could make them all smile like their newly signed hero.

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