ICYMI: Chance The Rapper Took Chatham, Church Flavor To SNL Stage


Credit: musictimes.com

Chancellor Bennett is no doubt a shining star in the constellations of Chicago musicians and hip-hop’s new age.

After Saturday night and his premiere on “Saturday Night Live,” Chance The Rapper should be a name on everyone’s lips, his lyrics inspiring folks to do everything from thinking of him as Chicago’s next mayor to simply showing more love to all our respective grandmas.

Chance hasn’t let up any chances to steal shows lately, from “Windy City Live” to Steven Colbert’s “Late Show” to this past weekend, where he performed the new (jammin’) “Somewhere in Paradise” with Jeremih and a slowed, gospel-like version of the too-too sweet “Sunday Candy,” which you can see above (for the time being, an earlier draft of this post had a youtube video of “Paradise” too, but NBC caught that, as it likely will this one too eventually).

Thinking back on it, SNL’s record with hip-hop has been spotty throughout the years. Its not a stretch to say that the show has featured some of the most memorable live performances the culture has had, by the likes of RUN-DMC and LL Cool J in their mid-80’s primes to multiple appearances by Dr. Dre, Kanye West and Jay-Z.

Unlike in past generations (somehow the show most associated with New York went through the whole 1990s without showcasing Notorious B.I.G, A Tribe Called Quest, Wu-Tang and Nas among many others) they haven’t wasted time getting on the bandwagons of Drake and Kendrick Lamar, both have appeared multiple times and Chance should be on his way as well, in spite of not having a major label, or any label, pushing him down the public’s throat.

That along with little to no controversy in his life (though Spike would disagree) and just a little something called good music and great stage presence. Nice to see. From Chatham to 30 Rock to the stratosphere, the more Chance flies the less it’s gonna feel like rain out here.

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