10 @ 10: Chicago Protests Everything But Heyward Signing On The D & Davis Show

D & Davis returns this week and we’re wondering…with all the money they’re getting, why does anyone want to be anything besides a baseball player?

If you missed it last week, here’s our a new format to preview our shows — 10 @ 10, meaning 10 shots of news at 10 am each Saturday, for the hour preceding new D & D. Here you can find a one-stop shop of what’s poppin’ in the world at this moment and what subjects you can expect our crew to tackle starting at 11 am on chicagolandsportsradio.com. 

We’re compiling links, quotes, social media posts, memes, music and video and whatever else we can put in this space. If you want to add to the convo, feel free to do so in our comments and also mind our call-in information at the bottom of the post.

If you don’t know what’s going on in the world at 10 am, we want to make sure you’re a little more hip to the game by 11.

1. Cubs Hotter Than Hot Stove

If the rest of the MLB is working on a hot stove, the North Siders are getting their hibachi on. After locking up the prize position player of 2015 free agency, Jason Heyward, the Cubbies are looking more grizzly than ever before. Never has so much money and attention been paid to this franchise’s benefit — maybe Back To The Future II should have been set in 2016.

P.S. — A good deal of Cardinals fans are racist jerk-offs who can’t stand not getting their way — surprise, surprise.

2. Guests and Guest-Hosts Even

Mostly keeping it home team this week with segments from two of our co-founders of weareregalradio.com. Also, back for another guest-hosting spot, Evan F. Moore (we didn’t run him off, yall!).

Our weekly segment with Joe Tanksley on the Bears comes once again at 11:40 and right after at 12 noon, Chris Russell of Washington DC’s 106.7 The Fan will be on to talk about that city’s NFL team and its improbable fight for the NFC East as they get ready to face the Bears and not be spoiled by them, or spoiled by contact.

At 12:40 our resident MLB analyst, Sean Terry, will be on the show to further break down the Cubs’ mastery of the hot stove and talk about his own time hanging out at the baseball Winter Meetings in Nashville.

3. Our Guests Write Their Asses Off

Joe in the RedEye (via WARR.com)

Sean telegraphing the Cubs reeling in Heyward

Chris Russell previewing Bears-R*dsk*ns

Evan on protests against CPD officer who shot Rekia Boyd (also on Chi-Raq)

4. Stand Up and Sit-In

The Rekia Boyd protests were far from the only public statement being made in Chicago this week. Everywhere you turn if it isn’t a busy walk through downtown its a sit-in or a die-in or an encircling around city hall or threats of another teacher’s strike. Heads have rolled in reaction to calls for reform in various areas but for most of the city the right ones haven’t rolled yet. In the mean-time, the people are gonna make sure they’re heard as often as possible.

5. Crowning A Nubian Ice King

Its not easy finding black men who are really into hockey, like really into it, not just willing to wear Hawks gear cause it matches their shoes or it’ll help them pick up girls on Clark St.

In the case of D & D, our guys Sid and Evan both are legit brothas and legit puckheads. You definitely have to listen in to our first ever “Nubian Ice King” challenge today as we determine which of these two are The Great One of black hockey trivia.

A taste of the NIK challenge questions:

The first African-American NHL player, Mike Grier, made his debut in 1996 with which California-based franchise?

6. The Life of Laquan McDonald

There’s always a tug-of-war over the reputations of people killed by police. Let it never be forgotten that they are people first and their legacies as people mean as much as their legacies as a hashtag or a rallying call for protest. (Chicago Tribune)

7. When Will Patrick Kane Stop Scoring?

(Insert your own tasteless reply here) In the meantime, read Sidney Brown’s last two posts detailing Kane’s historic exploits as he puts together the best streak in sports East of the Golden State.

8. Watch the Trailer For X-Men Apocalypse

Not long after D broke down the previous trailers for big-ticket comic book movies to come, the X-Men franchise threw down its chips with its most extensive look at potential world-destroyer Apocalypse and his threat to the original Super Hero Squad. Catch the footage at Shadow League and get your geek on (Apocalypse turns giant! Xavier’s gonna be bald!).

9. D & Davis NFL Picks Leaderboard (Thru Week 13)

Week 13 results:
Tony: 11
D: 10
Ken: 10
Kyle: 9
Sid: 8
Jason: 7

Total picks:
Tony: 114
D: 113
Ken: 108
Sid: 108
Jason: 103
Kyle: 101

10. D & D Social Media of the Week

Here we highlight a particular social media post from one of the show’s crew without comment each week. As our guy Evan F. Moore spends his second week with us as guest host, we feel compelled to include his terse yet big-picture take on the St. Louis area’s reaction to a so-called sporting injustice vs. a real world injustice:

Have a good day.

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