10 @ 10: Check Out A New, Jam-Packed D & Davis Show

It’s Saturday and it aint a holiday, so you know what that means — new D & Davis, fool!!! 

With a new episode we gonna mess with a new format to preview our shows — 10 @ 10, meaning 10 shots of news at 10 am each Saturday, for the hour preceding new D & D. Here you can find a one-stop shop of what’s poppin’ in the world at this moment and what subjects you can expect our crew to tackle starting at 11 am on chicagolandsportsradio.com and under Chicagoland Sports Radio on the tuneIn app.

We’re compiling links, quotes, social media posts, memes, music and video and whatever else we can put in this space. If you want to add to the convo, feel free to do so in our comments and also mind our call-in information at the bottom of the post.

If you don’t know what’s going on in the world at 10 am, we want to make sure you’re a little more hip to the game by 11.

1. Chi-Raq: Still Standing

With all the corruption bubbling to the surface, public firings and continued protests, this week has been like an episode of the truly underrated show “The Chicago Code,” it also may be more like the not-so-underrated controversy machine that is Spike Lee’s Chi-Raq, which managed to release wide on Friday without Chicago boiling over and melting a sinkhole into the Earth, killing us all (WARR believes that was in the first draft of Chi-Raq‘s script, but we can’t confirm).

2. Guests and Guest-Hosts Even

You can definitely still get your basic show info from this post, including everyone planning to sit and call in with the crew. This week sitting in for the entire show will be our main guy and one of Chicago’s Best (and he didn’t need Brittany Payton to confirm that) — Evan F. Moore, now of DNAinfo.com.

Along with Evan we’ll have our weekly segment with Joe Tanksley talking Bears at 11:40; Bay Area rep Bonta Hill of KNBR San Francisco and The Versus Podcast will come on at 12:20 to talk up the Bears’ opponent this week, the 49ers; at 12:40 is the return of one of Chicago’s best MC’s — The Boy Illinois, who’s preparing for a new tour to support his “Dusable” mixtape; and at 1:20, calling live from the Big Ten Championship Game in Indianapolis will be Chicago Sun-Times college football reporter Steve Greenberg to talk about championship weekend.

Didn’t we say jam-packed?

3. Bears-49ers Square Off

As we said in No. 2, the Bears are facing the sad San Fran 49ers this week. Check out “Champ” Tanksley’s take here as the Midway Monsters try to stay in the NFC playoff hunt and avoid the disaster that would be losing to Blaine Gabbert.

4. Hot Stove Poppin Off

We promised MLB hot stove breakdowns coming out of our last show two weeks ago and you got them since — bam, bam, bam. It helps that once again both Chicago baseball teams are keeping active with the White Sox completely re-doing their catcher situation and the Cubs getting in on the over-paying pitcher extravaganza but still hooking reliable veteran John Lackey.

5. Bulls Return to Action Against Charlotte

What can be said about the Chicago Bulls this season that hasn’t been said about Chi-Raq before anyone even saw it — everything from it being a disgrace to a masterpiece to not knowing just what the hell you’re seeing…anyway, after two wins earlier this week the Bulls are looking more consistent, tonight they’ll have a chance to get revenge on the Charlotte Hornets, who straight embarrassed the squad in early November.

6. D & Davis NFL Picks Leaderboard (Thru Week 12)

Last week top pickers — Jason (12), D, Kyle (Tied) (11), Ken (10), Tony (9), Sid (7).

Total Points: 

D: 103

Tony: 103

Sid: 100

Ken: 98

Jason: 96

Kyle: 92 

7. Albany Park Residents Lead March Against Recent Gang Violence 

Out South is getting all the heat about Chicago’s violence but this Northwest Side neighborhood proves that there’s work to be done everywhere. The spirit of protest is imbuing more than the Chi’s black community. Could it be that all the so-called noise is really making an influence? (DNAinfo)

8. Po’ Little Tink-Tinks… I Mean, Lions

9. Loving The Wiz

Don’t need to explain this much, you just had to follow any black person on social media while this was on Thursday night — the love was abundant. It also showed in the show’s ratings, which is why NBC will re-air the special on Dec. 19. Could we be seeing the beginning of a new holiday tradition?

10. D & D Social Media of the Week

Here we highlight a particular social media post from one of the show’s crew without comment each week. Since our co-captain D won’t be available this week, we’ll kick it off with him:

Don’t worry ladies, Monzi cares, if don’t nobody else care.

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