Bears: Joe “Champ” Tanksley Says Thanksgiving Films Good Diversion From Team Struggles

Our man Champ, co-founder of, is providing special Chicago Bears-related columns for the RedEye newspaper this season, appearing online every Thursday and in the print edition each Friday.

This week — who doesn’t love a big Thanksgiving weekend movie? Certainly the red-blooded, freedom-loving Americans that Bears fans are have love for the kind of high-profile flicks that are out now, many which hit right in the nexus of award-winning earnestness with popcorn-munching enthrallment.

Champ Tanksley took time out of preparing for his family’s holiday to do the public service of reviewing three of this week’s bigger movies — Creed, The Night Before and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 2 — through the POV of the average Bear fan. This could be appreciated as running to the multiplex may be something the majority of us want to do by halftime this evening in Lambeau.

Check out Champ’s take on the latest Hunger Games epic:

Jennifer Lawrence returns as Katniss Everdeen to lead a rebellion and take down a corrupt system. As a Bears fan, you wished they would have blown the whole thing up years ago, and now that the team has started the rebuilding process, you see the promise in the future. You also probably live in a house where you are raising one or more tween-age girls.

Read the rest of his column here.

If you don’t know, Joe has experience playing the game both in the Chicago Catholic League (St. Rita) and in college (Butler). Keep following him here, on the RedEye and on Twitter for real, passionate and informative football talk and listen to him each Saturday live on Regal’s “The D & Davis Show” on

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