Bears: Joe “Champ” Tanksley Says Its Time To Unleash The One Called Cutty

Our man Champ, co-founder of, is providing special Chicago Bears-related columns for the RedEye newspaper this season, appearing online every Thursday and in the print edition each Friday.

This week — after a promising first two weeks to October featured wins against the Raiders and Chiefs, the Bears slumped out the month with disappointing 3-point losses to division foes in the Lions and Vikings.

What made the difference in those close losses? It didn’t help that the Bears are still fighting back considerable injuries and making due with a rotating roster featuring carousels at several positions.

Now with Matt Forte essentially out of action as of this writing and possession specialist Eddie Royal still not available as a receiver, Champ says the Bears have no choice but to let quarterback Jay Cutler b-e more aggressive within the offense as they face a potentially potent offense from San Diego on Monday Night Football.

As Champ puts it, the team needs to do less short screens and more flying the ball as the cannon-armed Cutler is capable of, for better or worse:

Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has played well, but the play calling suggests the coaching staff is still reserved about putting the game in Cutler’s hands. With receiver Alshon Jeffery finally 100 percent, it’s time to open the playbook and throw the ball downfield.

Read the rest of the column here.

If you don’t know, Joe has experience playing the game both in the Chicago Catholic League (St. Rita) and in college (Butler). Keep following him here, on the RedEye and on Twitter for real, passionate and informative football talk and listen to him each Saturday live on Regal’s “The D & Davis Show” on

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