Love it or Hate It: No Reason NFL Trade Deadline Should Be So Disappointing

In “Love It or Hate It,” “D and Davis Show” co-host Ken Davis breaks down the most controversial topics in the sports world.

Yesterday marked perhaps the one of the saddest days in sports, the anticipation and passing of the NFL trade deadline.

There is no competition for the title of “sorriest trade deadline” in major sports, the NFL has it locked down, it is very much a struggle deadline.

To rank the major team sports and their deadlines the MLB’s is far and away the best, the most action-filled and impactful, almost every year you can string a major postseason run in baseball to at least one major trade made by that team back when it was still hot out.

The NBA and NHL’s shared time on the calendar allows their trade deadlines to mirror each other and they both come with comparable results — usually at least a couple stars are moved, one or two competitors are enhanced but most of the real championship contenders are already built the way they like.

As far as the NFL is concerned most of the moves made in-season are middling if there are any at all. In this particular year several trades (including a couple by the Bears, who could have done a lot more) were made during the first couple months of the season but when the time to actually make headlines (to be exact 4pm eastern yesterday afternoon) came, all of a sudden all these GMs lost their nerve.

Only thing worse is your favorite team losing in the post season, having a terrible season or the end of a good season. (you only get so many years on this planet man, the older you get, the more you know this could be one of the last times I see a good season).

With another dead deadline come and gone in the League, I offer a few proposed interesting swaps that would have made this mid-season period much more special and could still be worthy of deliberation at any point in the near future. In no particular order…

1. The Movement: Free Megatron

Look I’m a Bears fan, but I know greatness when I see it draped in Lions blue, No. 81. Knew it when I first saw him down at Georgia Tech. I also knew upon drafting Calvin Johnson that Detroit was going to try and ruin another receiver’s career after napalming Charles Rodgers, Roy Williams and Mike Williams.

Now to be honest, those three wide outs are more than a little responsible for their own bust status, but this is not a “Matt Millen shot”-free zone, damn it.

Now I know my 1st option to save Megatron from the dastardly grip of Lions mediocrity is pure fantasy, but I’d love to see Johnson in a Patriots uniform riding into the sunset many years down the line with Tom Brady. The Patriots offense has played very well this season, they don’t need Calvin, but what a potential release valve he could be when Brady does have an iffy game and some team manages to keep Julian Edelman and The One Called Gronk well covered.

Right now, with what is left on Calvin’s contract (an over $20 million cap hit the next two seasons), a trade would be beneficial to both parties involved, but why would a team take on a declining Megatron with years left on a megadeal? Depending on the trade partner, and their chances to contend, perhaps Johnson would restructure his deal to make it more appealing to a winning organization.

A few other teams/quarterbacks that would make sense with Johnson:

Colts/Andrew Luck — Calvin shares a last name with him, but he is not Andre. Megatron has some real good years left, put him with a top flight talent at quarterback — i.e., anyone but Matthew Stafford!

Giants/Eli Manning — Odell Beckham is really doing his thing, how about Calvin on the other side to lighten his load?

Chargers/Philip Rivers — Mr. Multiple Arm Slots meets Mr. Go and Get It!

Panthers/Cam Newton — Having Kelvin Benjamin return next year after tearing his knee would make this deal less likely.

2. Colin Went Down With The Ship

Colin Kaepernick has been benched for Blaine Freaking Gabbert. Much like the 49ers former head coach, offense and defense coordinator, linebacker, backup linebacker, offensive lineman and last — and most recently — their tight end, it is time for Kaep to go.

Now look, Colin may be cut after this season since his contract was structured to give the 49er’s an out with him. But, if you believe you can get him back on the right track why let him make it to the open market? Plus with the structure of his contract basically being a stack of one year deals it remains easy to cut his ass if you don’t like his performance.

Funniest place for Kaepernick to end up would be in Kansas City with West Coast offense/mobile quarterback savant Andy Reid. Oh, how could Alex Smith have it so bad? Every time Alex tries to make a come up — in San Francisco, in KC — here comes ol’ cool Colin trying to snatch his spotlight.

I can imagine Smith working at a Krispy Kreme, coming in early every day, on his way to getting a promotion, and here comes Colin, fresh off the waiver wire, hating on the low and macking down the boss to steal Alex’s job, the whole time rocking that “culturally appropriate Jesus” look he can have.

Colin Kaepernick has been nobody's savior as of late.

Colin Kaepernick has been nobody’s savior as of late.

Just as Alex Smith leaves his beloved from a night a pleasure, Colin is leering out the window pining for a chance to prove he can outperform that man.

Funny thing, one could surmise that the Chiefs and Reid would be a great fit for another mobile yet troubled QB, Robert Griffin III. But since he can’t evade like he did his rookie year and Colin’s game and throwing mechanics resemble one of Reid’s past reclamation projects, Michael Vick, I think Reid may be better able to do something with Kaep.

Plus, the Chiefs can’t even throw a touchdown to a damn wide receiver — a QB with wheels would seem tantalizing in an offense where WRs seem passe. Imagine Kaep in a backfield with a healthy Jamal Charles. You can get Colin for a bag of flaming hots and a promise he won’t steal anyone else involved with the 49er’s girl. Please…stay away from my girl, man.

Wow, being a Bears fan, it would seem only natural to toss Jay Cutler into this trade frenzy, but at this moment in the city we’re in our “shiiiiiiit, you see how many really below average quarter backs are out here?” realization moment.

In other words, we are keeping Jay for another year. Wow, that was crazy to type.

Back to the trades.

3. Philip Doesn’t Want His Babies in the Coke Lands

Word in the streets, and the rest of the NFL, is that the San Diego Chargers are fleeing to Los Angeles soon. Rumors have circled that Chargers QB Philip Rivers and his 40-some kids don’t want to go. Now if he doesn’t want to move to Los Angeles I’m damn sure he won’t want to move to my next spot — the Jets!

Yes, yes, yes. Ryan Fitzpatrick has performed well for the Jets, but he is still Ryan Fitzpatrick and even though I’m never one to look a Harvard gift horse in the mouth, he doesn’t have what it takes for sustained NFL success. Coach Todd Bowles has a winning defense and two real good receivers (okay, one real good in Brandon Marshall and a merely good one in Eric Decker). Plus, Chris Ivory will run over your mother from the backfield.

Think about putting a battle-tested quarter ack like Rivers with a team featuring an up and coming coach and an even distribution of offense and defense in the same city with the quarterback he was traded on draft day for, Eli Manning. Oh, the back pages would love it.

4. “Not Like This” — An Ode For JJ

Last but not least, I feel the need to save a man.

This guy is on his way to being one of the greats. Even though he is not better than “The Minister of Defense” Reggie White, JJ Watt in the right situation could reach heights comparable to that all-timer, he’s on death row in the heart of Texas, no one else is in more need of a reprieve, y’all.

That Houston Texans ship went from getting an injured (at the time we didn’t know he was fully washed) Tony Boselli in the expansion draft (damn) to making it into the playoffs multiple years with a Hall of Fame wide out in Andre Johnson and a running back with HOF promise in Arian Foster and now all that shit is washed again.

Like Twitch said in the Matrix before her plug got snatched, “not like this” *dead.* Don’t let JJ die in vain. There is a team out there in need of a 3-4 lineman who can move all over the damn place, they have a tradition of playing great defense and a wonderful fan base who will ensure he reaches legendary status as long as he gives the right effort.

Recently this team has become more offensive (in more ways than one) and that is what you need in today’s league, but imagine JJ Watt on the Steelers and you can envision the return of the Steel Curtain.

Pittsburgh may have to give up a 1st round pick for him, but just turn on your TV, he is a marketing bonanza. I wouldn’t let him off my suck ass franchise nor would I miss a chance to let him transform my suck ass franchise.

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