3-Man Weave: Saluting The Legacy Of Outkast’s Stankonia

Co-hosts of The D & Davis Show, Ken Davis and Demonze Spruiel, first formulated their chops talking to one another about sports while working in their day job.

Several years later, their eventual show co-executive producer, Kyle Means, joined them at the 9-to-5 and now as a trio they spend much of their down time mulling over issues of the day in an insta-chat gladiator’s pit of hot takes.

In “3-Man Weave” D & Davis & Means take the rock and pass it to each other, unedited and oftentimes uncouthly, on various topics. Consider these posts companion pieces to our more professional discussions each Saturday on Chicagolandsportsradio.com.

In this latest installment:

Kenneth Davis 
couldn’t have been that long ago

Kyle Means
I know

Demonze Spruiel-Rose
my sophomore year in college
we getting old

great music


Its incredible how they made this album after aquemini. They really looked at music the right way. Always expand.

every album was different

My two fav kast albums
the 2nd one led to these 2

that’s why they are the best

all love for ATLiens too, but those two albums (plus the double for its sales, grammys, etc) are what put them up with the all-time great musical acts. you cant tell me what they did was no more great than the Beatles in the late 60s or Prince in the mid 80s.
no less great, I should say

better than Gucci?


better than MIGOS



yea that was good


I love Tip, but he hated some Kast hate yrs back
remarking about peeps repping the atl in a wrong way
when he would go on about starting the trap
he would say peeps would have u thinking the atl was on some other space shit

oh. well, he not beyond saying stupid shit. he probably was just trying to separate himself from their shadow. it was huge still at that time.

I agree

think of all that stuff that came out of ATL in the mid 00s, all that stuff was aggressively simple, probably in large part because Kast/Dungeon was so complex and layered


but I always think about it, since you see him in the colorful high socks and other shit, that peeps rock now, but Kast rocked then


When the OutKast sound changed and I started producing my own records, I would mirror what I thought that character doing that music would look like. As the sound got a little wilder, freakier and funkier, so did the clothes. Then when the sound got more sophisticated, the clothes changed again. – Andre Benjamin

*3-man Weave conversations are edited at discretion of its participants

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