Cubs: Jake Arrieta Ain’t Trippin’ Bout Nothin’


This picture of one Jacob Joseph Arrieta, offered up by an on-the-spot local Redditor, is causing quite a bit of discomfort and unease for many baseball fans in the city of Chicago as we gear up for the biggest game on the North Side in 12 years.

Understandable…yes. He’s not Divvyed up or helmeted down, as is the want for the mainstream bike enthusiasts throughout this increasingly two-wheel friendly city, but as of this writing there has been no reports of a busted anything or a strained something on the Cubbie ace, who should be warming up this minute down the left field line at Wrigley Field.

So, he survived, as is Jake Arrieta’s routine, and he thrived in looking like any other easy-going 30 something enjoying a gorgeous Sunday in the North Central section of the city. No one here deserves a leisurely ride more than Arrieta, who in minutes is about to go into the Lion’s den, a whole nation of October-starved baseball fans and a metropolis ready to judge the whim of destiny by how well he holds down the 100-win team opposing him.

But none of that seems to be on his mind here, he seems to be more focused on the traffic coming from his 3 o’clock side while at peace in his surroundings and almost completely incognito. Let him keep doing tonight what he’s done the entirety of the second half this season and Arrieta’s next bike ride through Wrigleyville should be a lot less anonymous.

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