Cubs-Cards: Rivalry Comes Of Age In National League Division Series

Above you can see baseball writer (and friend of The D & Davis Show) Matt Snyder break down the Chicago Cubs and St. Louis Cardinals National League Division Series, which is moments away from its first pitch down in the Lou.

If you have paid any attention to this series then you would know that after a century of these teams playing in the same League and same division, years of being called a “rivalry,” this is the first time the two storied franchises are facing off in the postseason.

Looking at the dual histories of the Cubs and Cards and the realities of their shared present, it makes sense to see possible comparisons to the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox just over 10 years ago.

The Cubs are in the position the Red Sox pioneered back in the early 2000’s — a once-cursed franchise, full of young talent and put together by one Theo Epstein finally standing up to the gold standard in their League, knowing that no century-long haunting will be exorcised until they take down this team that has so long acted as their polar opposite.

And yes, the Cardinals are the Yankees of the National League — why? Check the results.

Then was then, now is now, but it can’t be understated how much of an accomplishment it is for the Cubs to get to this point where they can truly compete with their rival. That said, it isn’t the first time the Cubs have used beating St. Louis to propel themselves in a postseason run.

A past example of these phenomenon was maybe the greatest moment the Cubs have had in this series: June, 23rd 1984 — the Sandberg Game.

Ryne Sandberg’s super-human effort in this game made him a Cubs legend and it made the Cubs a real threat in the National League that year. The Cardinals wound up not finishing as much of a threat to the Cubs — who won the NL East back in those pre-Wild Card days — but only a year later the Cards were back in the World Series and the Cubs were saying “wait until next year” again, just as they did at the end of ’84 so tragically.

So, let it be known, there’s nothing saying that the Cubs can’t raise up to the level of the Cardinals when it is most needed (the Cubs’ efforts in winning 4 of 6 games against St. Louis in the last two months proves that as well). There’s nothing foolish in thinking that the Cubs could win in this postseason.

After all, what’s 100 years of the status-quo when you have a team as young as the Cubs and with a manager like Joe Maddon? This 2015 Cubs season has had the feeling throughout of being the start of something big — tonight may mark the official beginning of a new era.

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