NFL: Let It Rip Sports Previews Bears/Raiders

Our man from L.A., Eldridge Bell takes a look into the Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders match-up today on his very own Let It Rip Sports Show, which you can subscribe to on YouTube.

Also, you can check out Eldridge’s appearances on “The D & Davis Show” on the Regal Radio Soundcloud page — his latest appearance from this Saturday will be up soon, in the meantime check his season preview of the AFC West.

Its interesting to see the Raiders in such position of positivity after years of malaise among the franchise and its followers, its almost endearing. To his credit as an analyst, despite being a devout Raiders fan, Eldridge is not seeing a win Sunday as a lock, but he feels good about the team’s chances, which he should.

Even with a loss, the Raiders should feel good about going 2-2 within its first four games, the Bears on the other hand should know that this coming game is among its best four chances at a win this season. We all know the Bears are bound for a top-10 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, but there is pride to be retained as well.

Yes, the Bears are a bad team, but proud franchises produce bad teams every now and then (just ask the Raiders). Once they start getting used to losing then even the proudest franchises can find themselves down in holes that it can take a decade to get out of (again, just ask the Raiders).

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