Love It or Hate It: Not Feeling (or Smelling) D-Rose This Week

In “Love It or Hate It,” “D and Davis Show” co-host Ken Davis breaks down the most controversial topics in the sports world

A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet…except for when he doesn’t. Haha.

Okay, the one Rose whom all of Chicago has an opinion on, Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose, was in rare form for Media Day this past Monday and many didn’t have him smelling sweet at all.

Now when I say rare form, I mean he was on that “Bull”-shit. Many are upset because Rose told the press during their first surrounding of him this season that, “there’s a lot of people that don’t know I’m great, but it’s cool…I know I can hoop,” as he was quoted in the Chicago Tribune.

I don’t really mind that, some people say you need the type of mindset as expressed by Rose if you want to be great at anything. I try not to nitpick, unless said nitpicking leads to belly laughs.

No, the real “Bull” from Media Day came when D-Rose was questioned about the civil suit from an ex-girlfriend that he is currently dealing with. In said suit, the young lady alleges that Rose and two of his associates sexually assaulted her. I’ll get into this later on, as most writers this week are fixated on the money talk Rose offered, I’ll start there.

After saying he “moved on,” in relation to the suit, Rose then switched the script, saying: “as far as the money they’re passing out in this league — just telling the truth — and knowing my day will be coming up soon. It’s not for me. It’s for P.J. (his son) and his future. So that’s what I’m thinking about right now.’’

Some translation is needed here: “You see what the hell these fools passing out throughout the NBA, and the TV money coming? OooooohhhWeee….you thought I got paid before. Lets get it!”

Derrick Rozay may as well have stood up at that point and started gyrating on the table (though, injuries and all… that would have had to be seen as a big risk).

Now look, please, please, Derrick get your fucking dollars, please do. I’m not going to hate on someone who’s out to get their dollars, neither should you…buuuut, dude… right out the damn gate? You’re not a free agent until next damn summer. You know how banged up you’ve been? And you want to look ahead that much? Just how much of that Cali life are you enjoying (*puff*)?

Quite a few NBA stars could have gotten away with Rose’s clumsy paper talk, but he being such an oft-injured star with a mixed record in the postseason games he did make, he didn’t have a place to really let that mess out his mouth. That kind of talk should be kept between you and your boys you running all these trains with. (Low blow, Ken, that’s a sensitive subject right now…. I know, I know.)

Really, I’ve stopped listening to Derrick years ago, at this point I judge him only by his play, both past and present, but I’ll be damned if some incredulity didn’t pop up when I heard him, plus he did it with that noticeable grin of his too, like “ya’ll don’t even know…” It was like that grin Cutty had in Dead Presidents when Larenz Tate comes home and finds the neighborhood pimp leaving the apartment of his baby moms, that, “you know I’m fucking you girl right” grin. I hate when people grin like that.

Now, as far as the alleged sexual assault — compared to the allegations lobbed against Patrick Kane (man, what a summer) most people are falling on the line that this young woman standing opposed to Rose is not being honest, at least not completely. I reserve judgment, I wasn’t there. Rose’s attorney is being paid to not reserve judgment, more so to influence it and he’s filed for the case to be thrown out. Rose’s filing counter claims that all sexual contact of his with the accuser was consensual and that the accuser only became upset after Rose stopped responding to her text messages and refused to reimburse her for a sex toy.

So, let’s say this goes down as record. You’re telling me that Rose let details of his group lust sessions surface simply because he didn’t want to put in for a strap-on, anal beads or some other freaky-deaky toy? Where the hell is Reggie here? He couldn’t have been listening to big bro on this one. If he had any forewarning of this civil suit I’m sure Reggie was like “nah dude, take care of this,” and Derrick, being foolish, was like, “nah, I ain’t paying her shit!”

Where the hell is BJ Armstrong’s baby faced ass too, while we’re at it? He should have taken care of this mess. Beyond the assumed breakdown of Rose’s support structure, why is homeboy so adamant about running trains? I’m not one to judge freak nasty — I can be freaky too — but you’re telling me this so-called alpha male has a lust to have his boys wangs all in the video with his… dancing and shit… I struggle to place myself in other people heads or situation to get a better understanding here.

Lets say I’m hanging at my guys crib one uninteresting evening — me, him and some random attractive lady. Suddenly the attractive lady, maybe out of boredom, maybe because she didn’t get hugged enough as an infant (get Freud an ‘nem on the case) is like, “lets get it crackin’, I need the both of you on some Harold and Kumar ish…”

If I wasn’t in a relationship, I’d think about it, maybe even do it, depending on how horny/drunk I am. But I’d never go around like, “hey, you want to bonk me, you got to do me and ALL my boys… otherwise, disperse.” What type of mess is that? At least, what kind of mess is that for any grown man or any man with as much resources as a former NBA MVP. You’re telling me he couldn’t have semi-descreetly set up a instagram-fed sex party like one “Shady” running back now located in Buffalo?

Now, two ladies and one me is totally clean and decent and encouraged pastime. I’ve just never been bat-shit crazy about involving more dicks in a room than I need to keep an eye on. Okay, I rode with it one time, but that was an even tag team (two girls, my guy and I). Nothing happened anyway because he messed it up. Cue the end credits.

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