Bears: Memory Lane Offers No Way Out Of Current Suffering

Michael Walton II writes about the Chicago Bulls and the NBA for We Are Regal Radio, but he’s also a Chicago Bears fan and he felt he had to vent after the Bears’ latest embarrassment on Sunday.

After watching the first Chicago Bears’ regular season game of the 2015 NFL season, I started to feel especially nostalgic. It caused me to reminisce of better times in Bears’ history, and then I start to realize how quickly things fell apart or maybe how they were never together to begin with.

Imagine your team passed on Aaron Rodgers in ‘05 and took Cedric Benson instead.

Imagine your team almost won a Super Bowl at the end of the ‘06-07 season with Rex Grossman as their starting quarterback.

Imagine Grossman’s career year in ‘06 was a flash-in-the-pan and his production falls off a cliff the following season, a season in which he only started seven games and finished with around 1,800 less passing yards than the previous season.

Fast forward to ‘09 and the team finally has a buzz surrounding it again due to a trade for “franchise-QB” Jay Cutler, still young and equipped with a rocket arm and fresh off of his first (and so far only) Pro Bowl appearance.

Now sulk in the ‘14 season and notice that your general manager (Phil Emery) is only two seasons into his tenure, but emboldened enough to sign Cutler through 2020 with $54 million guaranteed. It is not clear why such a hard commitment was made, especially considering the fact that his run in Chicago has only consists of a few “meh” seasons featuring a bunch of yards and just about as many turnovers, including 44 interceptions alone over his past three seasons.

Now come back to the future. September 13th, 2015. Another game, another season. The Bears put up a fight in their opener before a critical Cutler interception seals yet another loss to the Green Bay Packers, bringing Cutler’s record versus the Pack to 1-12.

One week later against the Arizona Cardinals, the Bears lose 48-23. I’ll admit I flipped this game on somewhere around the end of the second quarter and was confused to see Jimmy Clausen in it. Its learned during the afternoon that Cutler had injured his hamstring. A few days later its learned that Cutler will probably be out for a few weeks.

For me, this comes as a relief because the Bears’ success is tied to the arm of the $54-million dollar man who isn’t. But then reality comes crashing down on all us once again.

Sunday, September 27th. The Chicago Bears face-off against the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. Cutler is still out so Clausen started once again, doing so against a Seahawks team that came into this game with an 0-2 record. Seattle also saw the return of intimidating safety extraordinaire Kam Chancellor — with their team fully intact they were extremely hungry for their first W of the year.

Sorry, Jimmy.

Responding to the challenge with a whopping 63 passing yards, Jimmy C set the tone for sub-par play with only Matt Forte, as typical, being the only player who seemed to realize there was a professional football game going on and the Bears fell yet again 26-0.

10 possessions, 161 total yards of offense and no points to speak of. At least they got off all 10 punts.

Coach John Fox seems frustrated, the team seems lost and the franchise quarterback is hurt once again. The entire defensive and offensive lines need major improvements. Morale is low in and out the locker room, the Monsters of the Midway can’t even look forward to an upcoming match-up with the Raiders, who are currently favored to win this coming Sunday.

This is how it feels to be Bears fan in 2015.

BREAKING: The Bears have been reported to have traded defensive lineman and failed outside linebacker Jared Allen to the Carolina Panthers Monday afternoon for what should be a draft pick.

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