Bears: Joe “Champ” Tanksley Provides Valid Reason To Watch Blowouts

Our man Champ, co-founder of, is providing special Chicago Bears-related columns for the RedEye newspaper this season, appearing online every Thursday and in the print edition each Friday.

This week, Champ offers the best new workout plan since Kanye’s — the Bears Blowout Workout.

After two weeks, it’s clear the Bears won’t be offering much enough excitement or encouragement to distract the more calorie-challenged members of the fan base from their accelerated fat intake during each Sunday, so it makes sense to formulate a workout that is based on on-field incompetence — melt the pounds away instead of reveling in madness.

This is a good week to start too, with the Bears on the road at an 0-2 Seattle team now reunited with its biggest heavy hitter on defense. With Kam Chancellor back in the mix, how about trying this element of the Blowout Workout, check out the rest here:

15 burpees for every Bears turnover. Seattle has a talented defense with a ton of attitude, and after starting the season 0-2 they’ll be foaming at the mouth to dismantle the already ailing Bears offense.

If you don’t know, Joe has experience playing the game both in the Chicago Catholic League (St. Rita) and in college (Butler). Keep following him here, on the RedEye and on Twitter for real, passionate and informative football talk.

Also remember, you can also catch members of the We Are Regal Radio team in the RedEye’s 5 on 5 feature every Tuesday.

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