Basketball: Celebrate Scottie Pippen’s 50th With His Top 10 Dunks

Still the Prince of the City. Surely where he is this evening is one of the best places to be in Chicago.

It hasn’t been hard to find remembrances and salutes to one of the game’s all-time most versatile players this week as he approached this milestone. Lets add to the celebration with these five great single-game examples of Pip’s all-around talent:

Early Scottie, still finding himself as a primary contributor but already smart enough to know when to feed Mike (who had a game-high 37). This 124-95 win made the team 9-6 to end the first month of the Bulls’ 1990-91 championship season.

At once the most underrated and the most important storyline of the ’91 Finals — Scottie stepping up to guard Magic Johnson and effectively isolating him enough to ensure no remnants of Showtime would surface in Magic’s last Finals appearance. The double-double is nice but this is the game where people learned what it meant for the Bulls to let the dobermans out.

By ’92 Pip knew he was one of the best players in the league and he knew that he could play a role in deciding games just like Jordan could. Mike is known for his doing Cleveland dirty but this time around the 2nd in command made the difference and sent the Cavs home for the summer with a ridiculous line of 29/12/5/4/4 (yes, that’s four steals AND four blocks on top of the double-double).

The ’94 season was a magical one, at least individually, for Pip. While Mike was swinging and mostly missing in Birmingham, Pippen was solidifying his place among his peers all season and his efforts peaked at the All-Star Game with his 29 points (5 of 9 3-point shooting), 11 rebounds and 4 steals, an inarguable MVP effort.

The 96-97 team (which finished 69-13) improved to 46-6 in this mid-February game where Pip scored a career-high 47. 

BONUS: Look at this freakin’ line — 39 points, 6 rebounds, 10 assists, 9 steals — against Atlanta in ’94. Its games like this that made Scottie think y’all were sleeping on him re: LeBron comparisons. Nothing new under the sun, son.

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