Watch: Kris Bryant Gives Unknowing Cub Fans a Lyft

Judging him on the field, there’s not much the brilliant Chicago Cubs rookie Kris Bryant can’t do.

Off the field though, it seems like he still has a hard time getting recognized. While he can still enjoy his anonymity, Bryant played this innocent set of pranks with the ride-sharing company and proved once again that the average baseball fans knows less than they let on.

Let it be known from here out, you can never be too sure if the guy shuttling you around Lincoln Park or the Loop isn’t a rising athletic talent or not, so if some really tall guy with a beard and an accent tarts asking you about the Bulls next time you Uber, you might as well assume that’s Nikola Mirotic.

And — judging by his performance Sunday — if some nondescript, sandy haired guy is driving your next Lyft and they introduce themselves as “Jimmy,” you can’t help but assume its Jimmy Clausen — he couldn’t drive much worse than he could see over the Arizona defensive line, could he?

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