Watch: Pau Gasol Go Crazy With Vintage Performance in Europe

Think the Chicago Bulls picking up a little backcourt depth is the best thing it could have done this mid-September week? Naw, playa.

Pau Gasol certainly had something to say in his most recent performance in EuroBasket 2015, the tournament helping decide the best European basketball team this year as well as qualifiers for the 2016 Olympic Games. Spain gained itself a qualification for Rio as well as a spot in EuroBasket’s final against either Serbia or Lithuania via Gasol’s dominating performance Thursday night.

Bulls fans shouldn’t project an even better season this year from their now-35 year old man in the middle after his damn-good first season in the Chi, but seeing Gasol body an France squad featuring six NBA players (including his match-up Rudy Gobert) in such a manner is a fantastic sign of things to come.

It’ll be another football-filled weekend, but for those who want to get a little hoops fix, getting a look at Gasol and fellow Bulls front-court threat Nikola Mirotic try to finish the job at EuroBasket should be fun.

The ageless Pau Gasol paints his latest masterpiece (SB Nation)

When Spain needed him most, Pau Gasol delivered (ESPN)

Fred Hoiberg will likely want to move Pau Gasol away from the post, will it work out better than in L.A.? (SB Nation/Blog A Bull)

UPDATE: Pau and Nicola got it done Sunday with am 80-63 win over Lithuania. Gasol scored 25 points and rebounded 12 shots to conclude a dominant run as tournament MVP.

The Bulls kick off their preseason on October 6th at home against Milwaukee.

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