Bears: Joe “Champ” Tanksley Previews Cardinals Clash in Redeye

Our man Champ, co-founder of, is providing special Chicago Bears-related columns for the RedEye newspaper this season, the first of which premiered online last Thursday, the latest is available today as the Bears try to bounce back from its loss to the Packers against Arizona.

Joe’s 3 keys:

The running game

Pass defense

Jay Cutler

On Cutler, who will try to cut down on the soul-crushing interceptions just a skosh:

He has to improve his ability to manage a game. Seriously, the Bears have gone to the playoffs (and the Super Bowl) with quarterbacks like Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman. At the minimum he shouldn’t make mistakes that cost the game. The play-action pass should be a huge weapon to get points on the board, and it hasn’t been there yet.

If you don’t know, Joe has experience playing the game both in the Chicago Catholic League (St. Rita) and in college (Butler). Keep following him here, on the RedEye and on Twitter for real, passionate and informative football talk.

Also remember, you can also catch members of the We Are Regal Radio team in the RedEye’s 5 on 5 feature every Tuesday.

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