Watch: Concussion Trailer Dramatizes NFL Issues, Will Smith Stars

Concussion is one of those words that whenever said in the context of sports makes one stop and take a listen.

Will Smith is one of those big name actors that whenever he puts out a movie a lot of attention is made.

December is a month in which the National Football League plays some of its most important games, deciding among itself who is ready to compete in the one and done games to come that determine who is the supreme organization that plays its sport.

December also is a month where filmmakers and Hollywood studios push out their most heart-tugging and thought-provoking material in the name of winning award voters’ hearts and minds in order to collect trophies that judge their works as the most memorable and representative of their times.

Nigerian is the native background of Dr. Bennet Omalu, the real person Smith is playing in this film. Omalu first uncovered the disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), which has been shown to be a causal reaction to careers playing football and colliding thousands of times with large men. In the trailer for Concussion, Smith attempts something of a Nigerian accent, you can hear the real thing here.

This will be one of the most important films of 2015. Like they say in the trailer, the NFL owns one of the days of the week (arguably two when Thursday Night games air on CBS). Smith is back on the hit movie trail with a good effort from Focus earlier this year and he’s buzzed himself into the DC Universe as well.

Big Willie still brings the drama well though, especially when he’s on a mission — this seems like a cross between Enemy of the State, “Who’s watching me?” Will and Pursuit of Happiness, “I’m fighting against all odds” Will.

Of course we know none of the events seen in Concussion have taken down the NFL but movies where we all know what’s gonna happen have done pretty well as of late. Just put the right people in the right positions and you got a chance to take it to the house…and the box office.

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