3-Man Weave: How Much Longer Can Peyton Manning Go?


Co-hosts of The D & Davis Show, Ken Davis and Demonze Spruiel, first formulated their chops talking to one another about sports while working in their day job.

Several years later, their eventual show co-executive producer, Kyle Means, joined them at the 9-to-5 and now as a trio they spend much of their down time mulling over issues of the day in an insta-chat gladiator’s pit of hot takes.

In “3-Man Weave” D & Davis & Means take the rock and pass it to each other, unedited and oftentimes uncouthly, on various topics. Consider these posts companion pieces to our more professional discussions each Saturday on Chicagolandsportsradio.com.

In our first installment: Peyton Manning says he hasn’t felt anything in his fingertips for over four years after multiple neck surgeries. WTF? How much longer can Manning put up the numbers he’s put up so easily over the years? What impact does it have on his status as a Fantasy Football OG?

Fallout, Fall Guys and Fingertips: A Week in the NFL (MMQB)

Peyton Manning Still Can’t Feel His Fingertips (Deadspin)

Fantasy Football 2015: Unless they drop, don’t draft Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Big Ben (Washington Post)

Kyle Means 10:36 AM

(Deadspin link)

Kenneth Davis 10:36 AM

Get those excuses ready

Kyle Means 10:37 AM

lol. you say this gonna shield him from the fall-off?

Kenneth Davis 10:37 AM


I still may fuck with him tho

Kyle Means 10:37 AM

Yeah, I meant shield from criticism

Kenneth Davis 10:37 AM

na I meant fantasy as far as fuck wit

yea I agree

Kyle Means 10:38 AM

oh, fantasy, na I’m good.

Demonze Spruiel-Rose 10:38 AM

he still gonna throw 35 TD’s

Kenneth Davis 10:38 AM


or 32 ish

Kyle Means 10:38 AM

I’d rather take the risk with one of his weapons

its not a bad gamble, but I think its one nonetheless

Kenneth Davis 10:39 AM

Look stay away

but means

who is getting to them, if u mean Wr

Kyle Means 10:40 AM

yeah, I know. If Manning is still up to snuff then I’m good, but if “the fall-off” appears then I have a much easier commodity to let go of or trade

Kenneth Davis 10:40 AM

good point

I’ve never had back/neck surgery, but after having surgery it can take 5-6 yrs easy to get feeling back in shit

Kyle Means 10:41 AM

didn’t you have knee surgery? was that the case?

Kenneth Davis 10:41 AM


took me longer to feel again where the scar is that they snatched my tendon out to replace my ACL

I think I began to feel it lk 6 yrs ago

mind u I had that shit 20 yrs ago

im old

Kyle Means 10:43 AM


you are

Kenneth Davis 10:43 AM


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