Much Ado About Derrick, NFL Previews and Katrina Remembrance on The D & Davis Show

What’s up, sports world? Get your latest weekend started right and get all the sports info and entertainment you can take with the latest and greatest episode of The D & Davis Show.

D & Davis returns this week with phasers on stun, only to match the reaction they had from earlier this week when news broke of a civil complaint naming Chicago Bulls star Derrick Rose as a possible rapist, which the beloved Chicago native vehemently denies.

As another black cloud hangs over the Chicago sports scene how should we all react? How should the Bulls react? Is there really anything to react to in this case? The D & D crew will discuss that and more.

Expect plenty of other big discussion with Deadspin writer Greg Howard, who will come on in the second hour to talk about his hard-hitting pieces for the popular blog and whatever else is making the news, among those things are the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath.

Hear about what it was like to be in New Orleans during the time of Katrina with writer Freddie Willis, who will also help us break down the AFC South as part of our NFL Divisional Preview series. We’ll wrap up the day with an NFC South preview with sports reporter Ashley Stroehlein of WBTV in Charlotte.

Plus, previewing the broken-down Bears as they go into preseason Game 3 tonight against Cincinnatti and the latest on the Cubs and White Sox as they deal with their actual and “theoretical” playoff chases.

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