Donate and Support Documentary Dealing With Chicago Violence

UPDATE: The film’s fund-raising campaign now is going through GoFundMe. Please visit the page here.

Recently on The D & Davis Show we helped introduce you to Chicago-based artist and filmmaker Willie “Rookie” White, who told us about his grandest project, a documentary dealing with gun violence in our city, telling the stories of the immediate effects of this violence and its continued unfolding directly from the mouths of people who’ve lost loved ones to the violence.

Named A House Is Not A Home, this movie is a fully independent project and it needs help in getting made. We make no qualms about where we stand here at WARR in getting this movie made — it has to happen, not just because Rookie is our guy now but because if you give him any amount of your time to show his work you’ll know too that this prospective film is something you need to make yourself familiar with.

An Indiegogo page has been established for AHINAH, visit it, watch the videos again and check out the rewards for donating, which include free passes to future screenings of this film as well as possible producer credits.

AHINAH stands a chance to make a difference by telling an all-too sobering and increasingly familiar kind of story but with the heart and attention to detail that a man who really grew up in Chicago and is really a part of the communities he’s covering can give.

We all recognize that change needs to happen in this city, no matter how much you’ve worked to make things safer thus far, devoting either time or money to seeing this project reach the finish line will be another key step towards gaining better understanding as to what is ailing Chicago. The more of us devoted to that cause could only mean better living in the places we call home.


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