Bears-Colts Preview, Baseball Talk & More Divisional Previews on The D & Davis Show

Straight Outta Chicago!…and hopefully into all your hearts… The D & Davis Show returns with some hardcore sports talk to make your loved ones blush.

On the latest D & Davis, the guys will offer up the latest on the Chicago Bears and preview their upcoming preseason encounter tonight against the Indianapolis Colts.

Further on the NFL scale, D & D will continue its League-wide preview going division by division with this week focusing on the AFC and NFC East.

The lovely Ashley Nicole of Geeks and Cleats will be on at 11:40 to break down the division of her beloved (yes, really) New York Jets and at 1:20, new Washington Post sports columnist (and also lovely) Jerry Brewer will break down the division that features that crazy team in Washington.

Plus, some special guests will occupy the Noon hour to talk about baseball and a special outing coming up at Wrigley Field. Representatives from The Great Migration Experience and Metro League South Baseball will be in studio to talk about baseball in the black community as well as GME’s upcoming group trip to Wrigley to catch the Cubs, a game with which you listeners can earn free tickets if you pay attention.

Also, our man Eddie Maisonet, Ed The Sports Fan himself, will talk to us about his assignment blogging Fox Sports 1’s crazy Opening Drive Tour leading up to Michigan and Utah kicking off the college football season. You gotta hear about this.

Tune in and listen live on or on the TuneIn Radio App from 11 am to 2 pm central every Saturday, dial 312-564-7375 to join the show, follow the show on Twitter & Instagram @DandDavisShow. Also, get behind the scenes looks and commentary by following the show on Periscope @DAndDavisShow.

You can listen to recent shows right here on or on Soundcloud. Our archive shows can be found at

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