White Sox Respond To “Straight Outta Compton” Hat Controversy

Courtesy: Buzzhorn Can you spot what's wrong with this image? Unless...did Eazy invent time travel?

Courtesy: Buzzhorn
Can you spot what’s wrong with this image? Unless…did Eazy invent time travel?

The cultural cachet of the modern Chicago White Sox hat can’t be understated, given its ties to the legends of West Coast Hip-Hop, such as Eazy-E, who was depicted wearing the black and white “Sox” with Old English script all throughout the hit film Straight Outta Compton.

Problem is, the producers and director F. Gary Gray should have chilled on all that until about the time Ice Cube broke wild and aired out the crew.

Somewhere on the think-piece reaction scale between “ruminating over the film’s lack of details regarding past female abuse” and “is that really where ‘bye, Felicia’ came from?” lies “Eazy is rocking the wrong Sox hat for most the movie.”

Unfortunate…yes, but not that big a deal. Chairman Reinsdorf is still getting his regardless and in the end even if the point was made clumsily, the film still made an effort to tie in the connection our humble South Side team has with some of modern music’s most important trailblazers.

To that end, the Sox responded to the mini-controversy themselves via senior vice president of communications, Scott Reifert:

“When the White Sox introduced our new logo and color scheme, the popular black and white look immediately enjoyed cross-cultural appeal. As such, it has long been popular among all of our fans, including the hip-hop community that stretches back to the early days of NWA, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Eazy-E. That trend continues today with young artists like Chance the Rapper and Kendrick Lamar. Without having seen the movie, we can’t speak to the specifics. However, the White Sox black cap and logo, as seen in the movie trailer, was introduced in September 1990 by the organization and anecdotally, we understand that the White Sox logo was part of the group’s look throughout their successful music careers.”

Check out this random selection of cool people, including the OGs of NWA themselves, rocking the Sox logo in proper continuity. Give yourself a few ideas of how to rock your Sox gear the next time you’re called on to, perhaps at a certain online media organization’s upcoming gathering

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via Chicago Tribune

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