ICYMI: Best of the White Sox 10 Year Championship Reunion


Click on the image above of Joe Crede and Aaron Rowland to see several members of the Chicago White Sox’s 2005 World Series Champions speak on their feelings on reuniting this past weekend in a jam-packed series of events and appearances for the South Side’s heroes.

Still as relevant as they were while making their historic run a decade ago (some, like our very own Ken Davis, would say that’s not such a good thing), the ’05 Sox didn’t bring much luck to today’s more up and down version of the club — 3 of 4 games were lost to a team that has more recently reached the World Series and is built to get back there this year, Kansas City — but at least they provided a good type of distraction.

Or to paraphrase the great Ozzie Guillen, it’s good that nobody was dead.

None of us are that old yet, to have to say goodbye to the likes of Geoff Blum or Jon Garland, but just because the Good Guys from 10 years ago are still relatively youthful it doesn’t mean that today’s club has a bunch of reserves at the ready to push them to the top of the pennant hunt.

Hopefully nobody’s resting on the laurels of the decade-old championship at 35th and Shields. It doesn’t seem that way, the front office continues to spend and maneuver much to manufacture a winning spark, but if its one thing that seeing the likes of Paul Konerko and Jermaine Dye together again this weekend should teach us is that the right kind of winning kismet is such an elusive thing that it can never be bought and it rarely is at the ready. When it comes, though, it is unmistakable.

It was all good just 10 years ago…I guess we’ll always have Houston.

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