Tennis: Try Serena Williams…If You Dare

Who’s house? Y’all know who…

She says don’t try her, but deep down inside, she wants you to, just so you won’t ever forget just who the hell she is.

Serena is tennis’s momma now and Centre Court is her house. You Brits have had long enough to recognize, quit acting brand new.

Send whoever you can to try an raise up if you like, but they’ll all fall just like the others.

Sadly, that list will have to include sister Venus once more on Monday when the game’s best sister act takes place again in Wimbledon’s Round of 16. It would be a hell of a story to see the once dominant big sister over take the long-since dominant little sister, but who’s really gonna put cash down on that?

Either way it should be fun and it’ll come within 24 hours of what should be another clear representation of American girl power on the international scene with the #TeamUSA women’s soccer team likely clinching another World Cup against Japan. #redwhiteandfierce

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