Double Feature: Creed Trailer, New Kendrick Vid Each Provide Thrills

The bastards did it.

Somehow, the moral-less, creatively bankrupt executive mass in Hollywood has been able to spearhead a 7th movie in the Rocky franchise — one that in 2015 will come just short of 40 years after the first time we saw Sylvester Stallone run through the more ethnically enriched side of Philadelphia — and make it into what at least for a couple minutes looks like a sensible and promising continuation of one of the most familiar story lines in modern movies.

It doesn’t hurt to roll with Michael B. Jordan (GOAT in training) and his man, director Ryan Coogler, who together brought Oscar Grant’s story to the big screen with devastating clarity and impact.

Whereas last time they made a (disappointingly futile) bid for the Oscar chase, this time Coogler and Jordan are coming for the box office crown. They got my money, no doubt.

You don’t even have to look at a side-by-side of Jordan and Carl Weathers in his prime to understand that Jordan will inhabit the long-established Creed “Living in America” swag. And this time, the little homie is out for all that daddy didn’t get. Y’all better run your pockets and get to the local show on Nov. 25.

Another clip that at once you can argue deconstructs the American dream and begins to build it back up out of rubble.

It takes vision to do such a thing and as far as vision goes, no one matches bifocals with King Kendrick right now.

In many years the so-called “song of the summer” doesn’t actually drop in the summer, in the past some have dropped dead in the winter and bloomed in our collective consciousnesses over time in spring until becoming insufferable signposts of the continued debasing of popular culture by the 4th of July.

“Alright” is different — its just a dope song, it was dope when it was released as part of the year’s dopest album in March and its remained dope in the months since — it cut through the treacle at the BET Awards and days later with its official video release it brings with it the kind of raw yet ambitious and arty feel of rap videos some 15-20 years ago, back when they tried and channels like BET actually tried to showcase them instead of use the artists to keep up the rating for their big “award” night.

And with all this we don’t even have to delve into the song’s and its associated visuals relevance to the continued unrest being felt by black America currently, this is as close to an anthem as our culture has allowed itself to have.

But yeah, its no “Trap Queen,” tho…

Yeah, I’m good.

Over here we’re reserving the Summer song crown to someone who’s grown into his place as rap royalty, someone who when they say we gon’ be alright, you can actually believe them.

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