WNBA: Dominating Delle Donne Running Off Streak of Player of Week Honors

Regretfully, this site’s first post on the Chicago Sky last year wasn’t until its final game of the season was about to take place in the WNBA Finals against Phoenix.

Back then, we let on that we’d do better this year, and given this post’s timing, we have, but barely. Know that Elena Delle Donne’s 45 point explosion against Atlanta last week wasn’t ignored by this site or its leadership, it just wasn’t followed through.

Good thing those better than us and more passionate about the entity that is the WNBA do not sleep on Delle Donne and her efforts. Why would they? She’s as good a representative of women’s basketball as it has seen, today and in yesteryear, with an on-court style that holds the attention of any one who says they love basketball, no matter what plumbing you were born with.

Tuesday it was announced that Delle Donne won the WNBA’s Player of the Week award in its Eastern Conference for the third straight week, a more completely positive highlight than the one you’d likely see her name in most this week — “Elena Delle Donne Reads Mean Tweets from Jackasses on Twitter,” or something to that effect.

Not sure if Delle Donne’s video was intended to showcase her comedic chops or if it was just done to remind us all how many of the unwashed follow the “SportsCenter” twitter account, but the highest of the Sky’s flyers took her undue criticism with grace. It’s unfortunate that she has to exhibit so much grace, she’s certainly not in a position where she can shuck away her duties as a role model, she has to be looked up to as much as any current female athlete around.

And despite her many plaudits, including this current run of PoW awards, she can’t just be dominant. It’s not like Serena Williams, who is gonna just do what she does in Wimbledon over the next couple weeks and let all y’all fill in the blanks as she c-walks across the garden and celebrates on stage with A-list pop stars — certain women’s athletes and athletic ventures are afforded more reverence and respect than others.

No shade to Serena (only that in which she’s laying up under with this writer, sipping lemonade, watching time go by on the same blanket…) but outside of her dominance there isn’t much more of a concentrated brand of kick-ass in sports than Delle Donne’s and we need to recognize it mo’ often and mo’ betta, especially here in Chicago where we know a good ball player when we see one.

There’s probably been enough grouching among your crew already since the Bulls and Hawks closed up shop that “there’s nothing goin’ on until Bears camp.” Naw, we got something, we only got the best basketball player playing meaningful games right now. They don’t all go her way, like Tuesday’s effort, but that don’t stop us from rooting for anyone else around here.

We’re already three weeks behind, I don’t know about y’all but when you get a month’s due it’s about time for some action. Let’s show it and make sure the Sky and their top star know that their great efforts can garner more than some “mean tweets.”

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